McDonald's Monopoly prize haul (rolling)

Won a free coffee and a free medium soft drink yesterday (I was having a medium QPwC meal, natch)
Will cash them in at a later date.

I didn’t keep the property ones because I’m not a massive baby.

Got a McFlurry one the other day which was generously donated to my life partner (as I already had a McFlurry)

What flavour did she go for?

Oreo. I would not have gone for that flavour personally but I gave up my right to any input when I gave up that little slip thing.

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Interestingly, my live-in lover brought me a mcflurry home with her last week which I now suspect she won as a prize, rather than thoughtfully getting for me as a gift (creme egg, not the best)

fuck off


The one I paid full price for was a Crunchie one and it was superb.

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It was fine, there are better and worse McFlurry flavours

mcdonalds is worse than subway


Different fast food outlets for different, needs?


McDonalds and Subway scientifically both taste delicious

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Also there is absolutely no better way to spend £1.49 on a UK high street than a MKDons double cheeseburger, fact.


Can’t remember the last time I went into a McDonald’s for anything but a coffee.

I’m glad somebody else got in there before me with the McD’s snobbery.

It’s a bad day that has me eating there, and I eat like shit.


three boosts

next question

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Do you think the Football team have ever considered this line of sponsorship?

I think they’re called ‘likes’ on this forum and you can only give one to each post

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so bored i can’t even be bothered trying to start a proper fight about mcdonalds

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You absolute chicken mcnugget.

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An Apple Pie or a Sundae (not both as the Sundae would come in handy after the lava like Apple Pie melts the flesh from your mouth).