McDonald's Monopoly prize haul (rolling)



Which are you going to go for (or is it weather dependant)?


I'd have to say the Best of the Sundaes


Not both but surely you're saying you DO want both in order to restore order to your mouth?


you're a fucking idiot mate. have you ever had a McDonalds? they're brilliant.



They're fucking dirty and a horrible company and unhealthy and the rest. But they are very enjoyable things to eat


You are correct!


There's nothing better than a fresh cheesy b


Once won 100 quid on this. Still one of my finest achievements


A double


good point


*a sweaty fucking misery burger

**there very much is something better


yes, a double, please keep up


a close second is buying a large chocolate milkshake, then quickly getting the bus home whilst it's still ice cold and putting a measure of Soplica (hazelnut vodka) in it - maaaaan that's the good stuff


You'd have to be sub-human scum to not enjoy the occasional McDonalds.


I've started calling it MacDonLads.


was in there yesterday and 2 old couples either side of me didn't peel off their stickers and just threw in the bin. I found it very troubling.
Once won 2 Euro 96 tickets to see Russia v Germany at Old Trafford


has anyone ever won by completing a road on the board?


another vote for vodka in a milkshake

lovely stuff


When I used to live in Newcastle and frequent McDonalds fairly often, I used to get approached all the time during Monopoly season by people asking if they could have my tokens. I didn't care (outside of the instant wins), but thought it was a bit odd. Happened a few times, has never happened anywhere else.