mclusky* touring again 2019 & 2020

it’s Falco and Jack, but Jon’s been replaced by a guy from a band called The St Pierre Snake Invasion

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Cardiff show at Clwb on 20/12/2019



Who’s going to one of the London shows?

  • 22nd November 2019
  • 6th December 2019
  • Both
  • Neither

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Mclusky and Chorusless Mclusky within a week of each other. Nice.


Huddersfield 21st Feb and Bristol 22nd Feb just announced.

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Any info on these? A quick Google has drawn a blank.

The Exchange, Bristol

The Parish, Huddersfield

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Huddersfield and Bristol? They’re doing a very boothyfearssatan centric tour then. Shame I’ll be in Belgium.

they toured the States with Oceansize in 2004.

Sadly I had no idea who either were then and missed the show in my hometown :frowning:

Roll call for Friday’s show at Dingwalls (which is apparently being filmed / recorded).

  • I will be there
  • I’m on the Dice waiting list / looking for a ticket
  • I will not be there

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I also know someone looking for a ticket (yes they’re on the Dice list, the Seetickets list and they have a Ticketswap alert)

I can’t make Friday anymore, so have just put 2 up on Twickets if you’re still looking.

I think that may well have been my favourite ever mclusky gig. That was really great.


What made it stand out as the best?

Well I always enjoyed mclusky live back in the day and the in band tension and bants made for some fiery shows, but I don’t have any particularly strong memories of many of their sets - bar maybe ATP - troubling how great FOTL have been various times over the years.

Maybe it’s because I’ve not been to many live shows lately but I just had a blast from start to finish. The band looked totally up for it, the energy in the room was incredible, new Jon (Mr St Pierre Snake Invasion) was utterly brilliant and clambered across the ceiling gantry once, Falco was on great form (critiquing the material and slagging it off) and Julia had a fun cameo. But really, I just don’t think those songs have ever sounded better.

Jack wasn’t around for Do Dallas and his sheer bloody awesomeness always improves things, but every song just sounded huge.

I’m not usually one for reunions or nostalgia, but any night that is good enough to make me wander into a moshpit wearing my smartest work garb and ends with me screaming “EXCLUSIVITY IS NOT A FUCKING BADGE” at some of my best and oldest mates is doing something right.


WHAT a day

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