mclusky* touring again 2022

Yep, it’s called The Actual Bears, they mentioned it was a new song on previous nights. this is a likely mclusky demo too. stop feeding the houseplants (mclusky d/d/demo) | christian fitness

I thought he said ‘this one’s a cover’ when he introduced that one?

Great show

My first post on here in a veeeeery long time (since the closure of the main site, it seems!)

A friend recently said “you need to post about this on the DiS forums” and it made me realise it would’ve been via here or some related space where I first found out about Jarcrew, so a perfect place to sneak back onto and say… we (Big Scary Monsters) are releasing Breakdance Euphoria Kids on vinyl for the first time ever!

Just announced it today and figured a few people, like myself, might be keen to fill that gap in their record collection. So if that’s you, you’ll find it on our website

And apologies to Sean and everyone else for being abscent for so long then returning with this outrageous spam :grimacing:


Managed to double book myself on a trip to New York so now have a spare going for their Cardiff (Clwb) date on 8th September if anyone needs one. It’s a PDF ticket so can email right away.

£18 face value but call it £15.

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nvm just remembered exists

Arse. Just had an email saying that the Summerhall show “is cancelled and will not be rescheduled.”

At least they’ve been prompt in processing the refund.

well i just saw this added to the TS site today …

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Yeah, I saw that a few days ago and bought a ticket. Then today I got a mail from See tickets offering me a chance to buy a discounted ticket as I’d had one for the original date :frowning:

That’s some bs

Well I’m also gonna be going to it anyway! Seems like the festival has finally worked out live music again, there’s about 10 gigs in town I’d go to in august - which is just wild

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I had tickets for the show from August 2020 which I don’t think i ever got a refund for. Had no joy getting a response as to whether these tickets are valid for this new show. If it sells out before i get an answer to this question i will be absolutely raging particularly as i had tickets for Glasgow@St. Luke’s and had to miss it due to covid.

Not sure who you booked with, but I got a refund from See Tickets on 4th May within a couple of hours of the cancellation being announced (“We regret to inform you that MCLUSKY* at Summerhall, Edinburgh on 29/08/2020 is cancelled and will not be rescheduled”) that was for the Edinburgh show in Aug 2020.

Yeah, I’ve got half a dozen candidates! I think I’m going to mail See Tickets and see if they’ll honour that offer - as the discount is a tenner, so it’s worth having! - for the new ticket. Worth a try anyway…

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Booked directly with summerhall and they’ve been dinghying my emails.

Yeah they’re not the best place (coming from someone who lives with an ex-employee), seems pretty shambolic all round

But they’ve sneakily become the best indie venue in town for my tastes so, needs must

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Well if you fancy meeting a disser for a pint let me know :slight_smile:

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Sound like a plan, you’re on :slight_smile:

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Can’t make tomorrow’s Lexington show anymore (THANKS, WORK!) so have a spare. It’s not sold out but I’ll knock a few quid off face value (call it £20) if anyone wants it. You’ll need a DICE account for me to be able to transfer it to you though….

The vinyl repress of Mclusky Do Dallas is in production, totally forgotten I’d ordered it…in December last year. Looking forward to that turning up!

They’re on Instagram now