mclusky* touring again 2022

Can you still order one :thinking:?

Doesn’t look like it, it was a pledge pre release Bandcamp thing I think.

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Ahhh OK, missed that!

There will be some spares, but Falco will be shipping them so they’ll miss out on the cheaper postage rates to some parts of the world.

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Fuck poor Falco - get well soon mate


Really sad to hear that about Falco - wishing him the best

Got a FedEx notification about my Do Dallas shipment!

Still a week away though :frowning:

It’s Bandcamp Friday today – ideal time to support falco by treating yourself to one of this many musical releases I reckon. Sounds like he’s lost quite a lot of cash because of this ear problem.


Has it actually started yet? I know it’s normally on some US timescale.

will definitely watch out for any merch or posters (especially given I just put them as one of my gigs of the year)



Midnight west coast USA time I think so started around 8am

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Yeah, I remembered the website. I was still thinking in Aussie terms where you had to wait 'til quite late to start buying (7pm I guess)

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Nice chat here between Falco and David Yow for those with an interest and 48 mins to spare


MDD vinyl is “out for delivery” :tada:


Anyone know where they are shipping from? Would like to chuck the band some more money but would ideally like to reduce from £7 p&p for an lp if possible. Obviously if it’s from oversees then fair enough

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Does that say? Reading glasses are upstairs.

Ah cheers. Watkinsville, Georgia US

A bargain then!