Just watched the first ep - looks pretty good!


Double sausage and egg


Hope they catch the hamburglar!




freedom fries


Some type of shitpost


Lisa McMaffia


i’m a vegetarian!!


Good work, team


“Remember I told yer, I’m a soldier”



For pizza…We go to don corleone

For a horses head in a bap…We go to McMafia

(I’m watching it. It’s pretty good)


Remember when McDonalds tried Pizza?


Watched the first three of these yesterday. It’s perfectly serviceable but not much depth under the surface. Stupid name.

Don’t find James Norton charismatic at all, Bond rumours are laughable


This is becoming my first hate watch of 2018. It’s so slow and uninteresting and Norton has the charm of a plank of wood.


saw a bit of this last week


I think it’s good, but then i’m not a Tory.


Ahhh, had this lined up to watch after Spiral and Gomorrah. I trust you guys so I’m binning it.


Spiral’s so good. Enjoying the sexual tension between Berthaud and Gilou. She’s the best.


Gilou is my favourite. Find him very believable. Such a natural acting style.


Yeah. I was a big fan actually. Only had it in certain branches so was a rare treat to be had on trips to Oxford Street or Basildon.