Me at the beginning of 2016 vs Me at the end of 2016


The current short lived annoying internet thing for idiots.
Post some of your own or just talk about it I don’t really mind really but would like to know why it has happened.


Does a sad looking Skeletor really express how we feel about 5,000 people dying in the Mediterranean this year?







Me at the beginning of 2016

vs me at the end


Me at the beginning of 2016

vs me at the end


The willow from buffy one is great


me at the beginning:

me at the end:


Me at the beginning of 2016

Me at the end


I’ve seen far more parodies of this than genuine ones. Are people actually doing it earnestly?


I’ve not seen one of these.

Quick anonymous[poll]

  • It’s perfectly reasonable to think that 2016 should do one and hope for a better year next year.
  • It’s irrational to tell 2016 to do one. Bad things are still going to happen next year.
    [/poll] poll:


I can guarantee you it’s been featured on buzzfeed


*progressively worse things are going to happen for the next 4-30 years (depending on factors)