Me, my work, and my monetary woes

I’m really sorry in advance.

So yet again I am royally buggered, money-wise. My dad bailed me out last month so I need to pay him back, and I’m going to York for a couple of nights next week with the tv for my birthday. Already paid for the hotel (last month), but am looking down the barrel of having literally nothing to spend when we’re there. She’s really looking forward to it, and I don’t want to be that guy. Also, I should probably eat for the rest of the month, but this would be a luxury. Oh and I need to get my car serviced, apparently I have no working brake lights.

Anyway, does anyone need any design work doing? I don’t think I’m awful at it, and I really need to make more money doing it. If you don’t currently need anything designing, would anyone mind sharing or recommending me or whatever in your various social (/media) circles? I would be eternally grateful.

I do brand identity (logos and shit), web design (as much as that involves these days), motion graphics (animation/video editing) and print/layouts (brochures, magazines, flyers, posters, etc). I’ve also done a fair bit of copywriting, although you wouldn’t guess that from reading this, or any of my posts. I’m very much not precious about what work I’m doing, as long as it pays (I am a massive sellout, would love to be in a position where I was not).

Also, are there any freelance designers on here? Where do you go to get work/advertise yourselves? Or have you just found clients organically?

Obviously I’m a web designer during the day, but they’re cool with me doing freelance on the side as long as it’s not for a competitor (breweries, pub companies).

Many, many thanks for any help. Sorry for clogging up DiS. I’ll post something banal later to bring us back on track.

Here’s some of my shit:

sorry I can’t help you but hope some fine and connected folks on here can x

Have you mentioned this to your missus man? See if you can ask her to sort something for York and then pay her back with a trip away when you’re more flush?

I believe she has less money than me. She’s paying for dinner on my birthday itself, which will be nice.

She doesn’t have to pay bills or rent or anything though, so where she has less money than me, it’s all disposable. I hope that makes sense and doesn’t make me sound like a monster. I probably sound like a monster.

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Nah you don’t sound like a monster man, and you’ve got a bairn so obvs more responsibilities than her innit. I would say be honest with her and let her know that you’re on a bit of a budget.

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I was going to suggest this too.

This is what the DiS rainy day fund was set up for.


She knows, we had a big chat about it last night. We’re both very open about things like finances which is good, means there’s no secrets or surprises. Also means we help each other to be sensible. That’s why we’re going to old York, not the New one :slight_smile:

Someone at work might have something for me, her friend wants a website and a logo. Just waiting to hear back. I can’t rely on it though.


I probably can, but my worry is it’s a deeper-lying problem than just the bulbs.

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Finger’s crossed for you man :crossed_fingers:

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Nothing is obvious, never overestimate my knowledge of cars. I know nothing.


Have you used websites like fiverr and peopleperhour?

My other half is a freelance graphic designer. When we first met she was probably doing 75% in house work and the rest was just ad hoc bits that she’d picked up - I think she had some contacts at the council and had done some of their mundane work at pretty low rates with a view to raising them later. She used to use a website called Wired Sussex which used to advertise some design jobs I think?

These days she doesn’t do any in house work and doesn’t do any jobs for the council either. Through various other routes - social contacts, and also picking up design work from other designers who were too busy - she’s got some other big clients who provide her with a steady stream of work.

I don’t think there’s an overnight thing you can do - except maybe to network with other designers and offer to take on overflow work which would help to get your name into places.

Mate, you’re fucking insanely talented. Just having a look through your site, fuck me. You could easily do any of several of your hobbies for a living. I literally don’t have a skill.

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Are you on linkedin? some of the groups on there are quite good. Also maybe worth speaking to @xylo to see if he has any freelance tips/ contacts that could help you out.

I’ll keep an ear to the ground and recommend you if anything suitable comes across my path- I think your work is amazing and I’m sorry you’re having a shit time on the money front.

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The problem with fiverr is you can only charge a fiver for £300’s worth of work.

(I don’t like fiverr) :slight_smile:

I used to be registered with peopleperhour but again was constantly underbid for work by people willing to build a whole website for a tenner.

Thanks anyway, any help most appreciated.

If you’re on LinkedIn please send me your profile link via dm and I can do a shout out for you. Our company has in-house design and only sometimes needs to freelance, but our competitors and clients go freelance all the time so it could help a little bit. This is mainly medical design/marketing/comms

Let me know if that will help. And there is the LinkedIn group now as well

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there’s occasionally design and web jobs on the following freelance websites I use:

production base
the dots
talent manager
wired sussex

design jobs on mandy could fall into several categories so might have to dig for them

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Agreeing with this. Fucking Hell man, you’re a talented dude.