Me, pn and a lovely meat

In London for next few days, meeting with PN on Wednesday afternoon, anyone else about?.Will be somewhere between where she works and the British museum which is where I will be looking at Salah’s boots. Logistics can be sorted tomorrow…

Anyone else like to meets? Will need to be child friendly as likely to have kids in tow, plus mrS. He’s very excited of course.

  • Yes, it would be a delight
  • No, sadly I can’t.

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Wednesday is one of my free days, I may possibly be able to make this!


I might be about. got an interview on Wednesday finishing at 3:30 and then train up north at 7:30

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@anon75298087 :smile::+1::kissing_heart:

Omg dis girls nite out!!! :joy:


I finish work at 5pm and will probably be on my :bike:

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I work halfway between where plasticniki works and the British Museum, but I wouldn’t want to intrude on your dis girls nite out, if that’s what you’re doing.

Yes intrude!!!

So, where’s good? Like I said got the boys in tow so needs to be ok for them. Weather looks ok?

Weather looks okay I think!

Holborn Whippet is pretty good but it gets busy and is a bit small inside so probably not the best place for kids.

There are a plethora of Wetherspoons in the general vicinity…?

Bag of cans (+softs) in Russell Square?

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Square sounds and looks super…spoons in case of rain. Can finalise in the morning.


Awww, I wish!


So is it later afternoon we are looking at then?

oh i was only joking, i was literally the only person who had replied yes on the poll at the time.

Yep although we will be in British museum from lunchtime on if you like! X

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I am really sorry, but I have chickened out of asking for my mum to pick up Robin/put him to bed so I don’t think I can come :worried: Stupid pathetic brain, I really wanted to go.

No problems my lovely. If you change your mind you know where we are. And as ever if you fancy a trip to Wiltshire sometime you’re so welcome!! X

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Ok, I suddenly became less of a coward and asked, I’m back in now :slight_smile: