Meal Deal Challenge + Lunch Thread

Forgot about the aubergines. Heaaaaaveeenn


Nah. Give a Lidl respect

Was gonna put this in the Tesco thread, but may as well go here. Didn’t get a receipt because I’m not a planet killing monster.

Had a grilled mozzarella & pesto baguette from the airport café - 95 kr

however, I also had a cheeky mid-morning pre-lunch of leftover veg, cauliflower cheese & gravy from sunday dinner


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Posts picture of three things covered in plastic



Touche Mr Egg, touche.

I had leftover meatballs and pasta in spicy tomato sauce. Experimenting with just chucking a couple of tins of tomato, a bit of oregano and a load of Dark Side of the Bulb in there to see if the sauce can do the heavy lifting. Turns out it can.


I meant to cancel that rather than having the sauce chat spill into yet another thread. Ah well. THE JAG STANDS.

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Sure you did

Aldi Small Things.


I really did Mr Chegg, honest! I’m trying to maintain a stock of goodwill for the inevitable jag rampage at launch.

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The suburban office I’m in today is no good for meal deals

there’s a waitrose and a LIDL (maybe it’s an aldi, I’m incapable of registering which is which) and a Greggs (but I don’t count their meal deals really). Shame cos I love smashing the Man for all he’s worth with a meal deal hustle

I’ve ended up with a ham and egg sarnie and a kit kat chunky from waitrose (plus the banana and apple I bought from home)

Also got a reduced Charlie Bs meal for “2” for tonight - goan fish curry

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I’d rather eat what I actually want. Cheers.

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Whats yr saving tho

Pretty paltry £2.15 effort from me. Fuck you, morrisons!!

A measly £1.37.

I can’t wait to order two of everything. Like a spicy Noah.


It’s the taking part that counts

Love roast dinner leftovers for breakfast! :blush:

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