Meal for 2 (NOT the Valentine's Day Thread)

Ideas for what I can cook for the tv tonight. Needs to be quick and easy to do, but try and keep it classy eh?

Fish fing… abandon post

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stir fry

so thinly veiled

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Rectangular pizza on a baking tray


Forgot to mention: since the turn of the year she has been an enforced pescatarian due to her daughter’s new year resolution. She has asked if I can do something meaty


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Ok, steaks? And Jamie Oliver’s sweet potatao mash you can do in the microwave?

Sweet potato gives her wind. Otherwise: noted

Adds to DiS other halves spreadsheet


I make this a lot. I usually put chicken in it for added protein, and use peas instead of beans because we’ve always got peas in the freezer. If you can’t be bothered to make your own pesto just buy a decent fresh one.

Some chicken wings

If she’s after meat I also vote to just cook a massive chunk of steak!

Chicken Milanese is surprisingly easy and very tasty.


Just asked the girl next to me how many chicken wings she thought I could eat in an hour cos I’m going to spend my valentines night seeing what my limit is.

She said 50. Fifty!!! I think that’s offensive.

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Sirloin steaks, pepper sauce, herby new potatoes, broccoli, asparagus tips. Malbec. Choc dessert. Manchester By The Sea.

Job’s a good un :+1:


slices of apple with jam on

What time should I arrive?