Meal frequency


I had curry for lunch yesterday and I’m having it again today. Will probably make it for dinner later too.

Tell me about when you’ve eaten the same (ish) meal frequently in a short space of time. Or something. Or tell me you don’t think it’s acceptable.


I had pizza last night and I will definitely have it again this weekend.


Toast and porridge every day from now until next Friday sigh


Xmas 2015, worked in a pub. Tried to eat roast dinner every day in December. Couldn’t face anymore after the eighth day. Grim. Farts fucking STANK.


:smiley: :smiley:


Yesterday I had a vegie curry last for supper, massaman curry for luncheon and the veggie curry the previous night as well. Curry.

Farts smell amazing


If i make a big batch of something (chilli, bolognaise, curry, stew) I never freeze, I just keep eating till its finished


have the same sandwich for lunch every day for a week, and then start a new combination the week after.


What you on at the mo?


Any time I order Chinese I order so much that I’m eating it for up to four days in a row


i’m in Spain so its usually a charcuterie selection and a glass of wine.

however, if I was at work, I’m certain it would have been ham and and cheese sandwiches this week.


I had pizza 8 days in a row a week ago, and then i decided to give it a break, so didn’t have any on Thursday, or Maundy Thursday, to give this particular Thursday it’s proper name, but then i forgot to eat and then on Friday, or Good Friday, to give this particular Friday its proper name, i realised the error of my ways when, while at a box social, I was served pizza for dinner. Oh how regrettably close I had come to eating pizza 8 days in a row. I’m off pizza now, although I might have it for lunch, depending on certain other circumstances.


The day after my sister’s wedding, I had haggis for all three meals. And I’d do it again.


you’re an inspiration to us all


this is great

Did you rotate your meat choice?


I like to think of myself as somewhat of a local hero.




how many days in a row you reckon?




Well I live alone, so it can be hard to buy stuff for one sitting other than ready meals. Like if I buy wraps, well that means I’m going to have to have wraps for 8 meals in a row. Or if I make bolognese that’s probably 5 portions. I don’t :snowflake: