Meal frequency


When i was at uni at the end of the month i used to buy those 27p packs of basic spaghetti and 19p tins of plumb tomatoes with a bulb of garlic and live of pasta with tomato sauce for up to 10 days


probably gonna have frozen pizza tonight for second day in a row out of laziness / lack of other food in the house. cook meals for myself mostly so usually make two or three portions and have the same dinner a few days in a row. there was a stage when I was working in dublin when I'd have a burrito for lunch four days a week


When I first moved into my old flat I had no working freezer for the first couple of week, although did have a fridge. At some point during that period I bulk made a meat/tomato based sauce (insert it's not bolognese debate here) and ate it with spaghetti for 5 evenings in a row.


Had chicken, rice and beans every day for nearly 3 weeks in Costa Rica. Some days it was red beans, some days black. That was the only variation.


ate 2 bananas and 4-5 crackers with cheese a day for a week at uni


Ooh, I've probably had a tangerine :tangerine: every day for a good 2/3 months. TV usually brings one home from work.


Had a packet of Space Raiders for lunch everyday for 2 weeks at the end of my first semester at University.


breakfast repetition doesn't really have the same impact does it?

My daughter has eaten Weetabix for breakfast every day basically since she started eating solid foods. She is now 16

She will have pancakes or whatever if someone is making them at the weekend - but if not she will always default to weetabix


Think I had turkey every day at the pub (but Mike the head chef would always add an extra slice of something else), apart from a roast chicken when I went round my mum's... Easy enough just to smash down a roastie at the pub on a break, but that was pretty much the point where it all started to go wrong. :laughing: :wind_blowing_face:


as i'm trying to be healthy i eat salad for lunch and tea 5 days a week, probably for the passed 2 months. sometimes i go wild and will add a bit of something else, but it's 90% the same meal.

also don't think those people who have disorders and can only eat crisps or whatever are that badly off. of course you'd have to discount the nutritional element but it'd really be a time and decision making saver


I can't do that. This is why I hate leftovers. I can't have the same meal with just one smaller meal in between that.


No such thing as leftovers here. If it wasn't for ten chickens, two rabbits, two ducks, and a dog, I think the three of us would be huge fatarses.


Yesterday I had a bacon sandwich for breakfast, a KFC for lunch and a Wetherspoon's Chicken Burger for dinner. Aside from being a heinously unhealthy day it was basically meat in bread 3 times in the same day.




i have the same problem but solve it by eating three portions of food for every meal




I pretty much eat the same food all the time:

  • Roast chicken or fish with pasta or quinoa and veg (changes but courgettes, aubergines, peppers, tomatoes or brocoli are favourites)


  • Chilli con carne with two/three kinds of beans and rice

Will almost always eat those things several times in a row. Never really get bored tbh. I've fucking nailed those two varieties of food can change the sauces I make around a bit and I'm well up on my 5 a day quota.

Breakfast is basically eggs on toast every day. Bring a load of fruit and yogurt into work every day to snack on.


Think I'd happily eat beans on toast for breakfast every day tbh




Totally is. Fart powered for those strava segments on the way to work innit :bicyclist: :dash: