Meal frequency


on wednesday I bought a delicious, taste the difference style walnut loaf from Sainsbo's reduced to 70p

on Thursday I had one slice of said loaf for brekko with marmite, a sandwich of houmous and cucumber with said loaf for lunch and scrambled eggs - you guessed it - on the same loaf.

I had to have cereal this morning as I was breaded out. Had a sandwich with it for lunch though.


I've got into a really bad habit of doing an awful fart as soon as I get into my car in the morning, then stewing in it for the whole half hour drive to work.

Is it home time yet?


Tom at work is the same


Almost there...


My wife bet me twenty quid I couldn't eat exactly the same Tesco meal deal for a week.

I haggled her up to paying for both the meal deals and my prize money.