Meal of the midday?

Pea pesto, pepper and halloumi flatbread

Wbu foodhuns?


Beans on toast

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pitta w/feta, pimento olives, pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions
vanilla yogurt
flaming hot monster munch

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eatapitta falafel wrap

All of these sound great.

My lunch was a quite unpleasant chicken fajita style pannini from downstairs and an apple.

  • Large big Mac meal with a fanta
  • 3 chicken selects


M&S Turkey feast christmas sandwich. Fucking awful. But the Jalapeno nacho cheese crisps I had with it just about saved lunch.

V solid

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small salad
big sausage roll
banana (to eat later)

Big fan of Ritter coconut

I haven’t eaten any lunch yet. I’m also absolutely freezing even in a big jumper and furry boots.

It’s my second favourite after mint but we’ve sold out of that.

Should probably put some trousers on then.

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1 x cheese and coleslaw sandwich (brown granary baguette)
1 x packet of doritos (chilli heatwave)
1 x satsuma
1 x lemon curd whitby bun
1 x coffee (black)
1 x camel light

Curd Your Enthusiasm

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pork chop and sprouts :yum::yum::yum:

and broccoli, peas and carrots, but they were secondary.

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Snack time

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