Meals at weird times

I’m eating cereal in the afternoon instead of lunch. It’s really nice actually. Crunchy and refreshing!

Ever eaten anything at a weird time?

Steak at 5am would be weird but then again I don’t want to eat meat :man_shrugging:

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Also I know this is at best an average thread so no hard feelings if you have nothing to contribute x

Steak for breakfast is good. Cereals an anytime food

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I had a bowl of Crunchy Nut about 20 minutes ago actually.

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do you have milk with your crunchy nut?

A very small amount this time around.

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I like my cereal dry so my jaw can get a bit of a workout munching on it

I like milk most of the time but only a small amount and I have to wolf it all down very quickly so it doesn’t go soggy. Sometimes I’ll just have a bowl of dry cereal though.

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Pizza is a close second best in the mornings and cereal is best as an evening meal.

  • Dry cereal
  • Wet cereal
  • I slurpy up the milk and cereal flotsam blend in the bowl

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I am really fussy about only eating breakfast food for my first meal of the day. Even if I have a massive lie in and get up mid-afternoon, I still have porridge or cereal first, i never skip straight to lunch.

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that’s an interesting approach

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usually eat my dinner sometime around 10-11pm
no breakfast

What time is bedtime?

do you get up in the mornings or are you living more on rock n’ roll time?


He’s definitely living rock and roll time, he’s a really rock and roll guy

Full English for tea is always great

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Both. Wet and dry cereal.

Sometimes I scoop some (dry) Fruit and Fibre into a small pinch bowl.

In my head it makes for healthier snacking than crisps or nuts but I’ve no factual evidence for that claim.

usually 2ish, 3 if I have work to finish


Rock n’ roll time is 6pm to 4am in case it needs clarifying btw

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