Meanie of the week

This awful cunt who did the f word to Eric


This silly tosser who threw a c-bomb at @Antpocalypsenow


In the sun bin, both of you

Think he’s done you there, Aggers

Fuck off, mate


How about we just name ant the all time meanie of the boards

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I’m actually kind


The people will decide that


@Antpocalypsenow MOTW nomination please, mate

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Yup. I can action this

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Antpocalypsenow is already nominated but thanks

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Why do you think it is that you act out like this, Aggsy?

We could just have Ant v Aggers every week and vote on that. Like the Boat Race

I’m on the phone to IT to find out why a video held in a shared drive isn’t embedding properly into a google slides document (I can play the video back but nobody else can). It’s very boring and irksome.

That and you’re a big sod

It’s funny and weird to me that people need to use phones all the time at work

Have you ever video called the person opposite you? It’s like turning your monitor into a window.

I’ve never done this, no


Have a think about doing it if you have the required technology (to make a video call, not have a think hahahaha can you imagine). A good relationship and element of trust is required with the person opposite.

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