Meaningless slogans


I’ve been noticing this sort of thing increasingly over the last five years or so: absolutely meaningless slogans on delivery vans. How much do people get paid to come up with this nonsense? This Royal Mail van I saw this morning is far, far from the worst examples.





Right, tomorrow, I’ve had enough of your shit!



Once you pop
That’s great




turns out this was a meme all along :disappointed:


wonder if this song plays in theo’s nightmares


Never knowingly undersold



John Lewis has been using that slogan since the 1920s so it would sound meaningless these days but at the time it would have made complete sense to their customers. The meaning is that they’d not knowingly sell a product at a higher price than a competitor.


Oh right, that’s me told


Sorry. I find it difficult to type anything in any other way than if I am writing an instruction manual. It’s not meant to come across that way to people.


Haha, no it’s my ignorance! Don’t fret



This is what I do whenever I try to start the car and it tells me to ‘depress the clutch’.

“FFS, you’re the shittest clutch I’ve ever had the misfortune of having to press…” etc.

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