Measuring Things (rolling) (some chat)

Just a thread for recording when you measure things.

I’ll get the ball rolling.

Measured : Alcove width
Measured At : 92cm
Measured With : Steel tape measure - Wickes own brand.

EDIT : I’ll allow some chat if anyone wants to compare rulers or anything

Measured the new TV unit yesterday.
Measured with: Draper tape measure.
Length recorded: 150cm

Also measured the front room.
With: as above
Length recorded: 5m
Width: 3.8m (at widest point).

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Measured my inside leg for trousers at 72cm but this was with a 30cm ruler so not accurate

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Measured: mice cage.

Don’t remember any details but it IS small enough to fit in the cupboard in my daughter’s room should I need a new place to hide them from the wild mouse at bedtime.

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so big it has a full sized human knee in the middle

But enough about your arms

Measured : Timberlands shoelace (left shoe)
Measured At : 120cm
Measured With : Generic wooden ruler

Need some placements

Save it for —

This is an adorable children’s book in the making