Meat in that london next week

dear all

im back down in Stinkin’ London next week from tue-thu so does anyone want to sit next to me while i drink a lovely glass of beer? my office/hotel is near euston station but you know, whatever.


  • tue
  • wed

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also i was in london yesterday as well and it genuinely smelt like arse when i got off the train


voted for tues but can actually do either day

euston tap? sommerstown coffeehouse? bree louise?

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That’s because Euston station is full of people from Manchester.


probably brought the arse smell with you tbh

i voted weds just to be annoying, can do either though

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should have made it multiple choice, i realised that as soon as i made it

also the train didnt smell like arse, so

all of these seem fine shrug emoticon

Yeah but you’re likely nose-blind to the smell of Manchester arse innit.

then how would i smell it when i got off the train? checkmate, sheeple

Because you’re not used to the sweet London air, the Manchester arse overpowered it. It’s like when you use a deodorant for too long and you can no longer smell it. Change it up and, ooft, new stench.

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Euston Tap is good but it’s been mad busy almost every time I’ve been there.

oh is the euston tap the one we went to that one time with mr planik and @meowington and CG?

and maybe someone else…? sorry if ive forgotten you @cantremember

nice pub anyway

no that was the holborn whippet

but yeah, euston tap is always v busy

maybe the sommerstown whatever is a good shout, i’ve never been there tho

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oh it looks similar in pictures on the internet

but yeah im easy. like sunday morning

I live in London