Meat Puppets - original lineup tour 2019




Playing Dolan’s but not Cork? Our city is a fucking embarrassment when it comes to touring bands.




Fair play to Limerick like.
I’m kind of amazed they’re coming to Belfast.


Limerick has some excellent bands coming through at the moment. DIY LK and Dolan’s do a great job.


Oh aye sure they put on Titus Andronicus we talked about didnt they?
Maybe they’ll add a Cork date at the start. Limerick is an odd place to start a tour.
Though the tour dates and venues seem a bit scattershot after the Irish dates tbf :grinning:


Limerick and Norwich are the natural hotspots of any tour


Opened this all excited thinking ‘there won’t be a Cardiff but at least I could go to Bristol’. FFS.

By ‘The Venue’ in London, do they mean the New Cross ‘Venue’? Should fit in nicely between the Steps and Taylor Swift tribute acts.


Given that The Venue is about 500 metres from my house, that piqued my interest also.

Suspect that the last time The Venue put on a non-tribute act band was probably around the time The Meat Puppets were guest starring on Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged tbh tbf…


They played in Blackwood a few years ago so must have deemed that to be enough for Wales and the South West for a while.


I wonder what their views on the pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre are :thinking:
Tbf people in Nowich are probablt thinking ‘Belfast?’ wtf?


'Mon over to Belfast sure.
We’re nice here.


Ta! Was a big fan of your city when I came a couple of years ago


is this gonna be any good? I love their two classic albums, two of my all-time favourites. but did they not continue releasing, like… mostly bad albums?


They will need a shiny new banner to commemorate this occasion. Put the WKD’s on ice!


Was this well attended? What a fascinating decision


Saw them live 5 years or so ago. They were good and played stuff off ii and up on the sun. Too high to die and huevos are decent too… cant speak for anything they’ve released in the last quarter of a century mind.


It was part of this, I only went to the Meat Puppets but it was a decent crowd especially for a Sunday night in Blackwood.


I’ll give those two a go! and maybe I’ll go along to the Manchester date. although reunion-type gigs often make me pretty sad :upside_down_face:


#thursdayfilth ? :rofl: