Meat Puppets - original lineup tour 2019



yep. I avoid them if I can, as seeing reformed Pixies go through the motions was pretty soul-destroying.

However, Dinosaur Jr and Mission of Burma were both excellent, so it can work out alright!


true! ahhh. remembering Dino Jr.'s comeback has cheered me up (feeling wistful from Trail of Dead last night, even though they tore it up).


Yep, still fantastic live.



I actually know the promoter putting on the Norwich date (he’s also doing the London show) and the arts centre is a lovely venue which will sell out, its fucking cool they’re playing there!


Why would we think that?


Well maybe not Norwich people but certainly people from other bigger UK cities where they aren’t playing.


a real shame, lovely city otherwise. Same with Galway, arguably worse.


I’d call the first three classic, the fourth is very very good and i don’t think they’ve released anything actively bad but I’m not an expert on the later albums.


80’s-this-band-could-be-your-life bands age very well.


Oh cmon Scotland


playing ULU but promoted by new cross inn?


Dub War are still going!?!?!


Not so much, think it was more of a one off as Skindred is the main focus these days.