Other than tomato and pasta. What can I cook up with some beef meatballs?


My mum used to make a boss spicy curry with lamb/ beef meatballs when I was young. Also did korma/ coconut version too. Remember her making a great tasting thick daal based curry with meatballs in as well.

so basically, look up some punjabi meatball recipes

As an aside, I might go home to visit my parents tomorrow and get some food.


Make a sauce with roasted butternut squash, creme fraiche and a bit of pecorino, garlic and chili. If you fancy it, pop some rosemary in as well. Serve with meatballs, tagliatelle, and a nice salad.

EDIT: I’m aware you’ve probably eaten them by now. Still, this remains tasty.


Mash, peas and gravy.

Kind of like miniature faggots, innit.

As above, I’m guessing they’ve already met their fate…


Nope it’s for tonight with the kids. Got some left over burgers from a BBQ which I might reshape into meatballs. Thanks for the ideas!


Get some from the supermarket, add some salad and sauce. Healthy kebabs