Medical Advice (rolling)

Always like to look like I know what I’m doing in the supermarket, so grab the first thing I see with the word on it, e.g. paracetamol. Assumed the size and shape was just because Dutch people are taller so everything is bigger.


I have a cyst on the back of my head. I thought my skull was pointy but no, it appears to be a cyst. It’s pretty solid and doesn’t move about when I push it. Do I have head cancer? Or am I growing an extra brain?

Well you know what they say, two heads are better than one

Mum? Is that you?

(Whenever I went with an ailment and said “it hurts when I do this” she’d say “don’t do that then”)

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Thank god I’m off to Lisbon on Friday for boozing and eating (and minimal walking if i’m in pain!)

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whats the worst that could happen

If it’s a decongestant nasal spray, you can use them for up to a week. A lot of people get relief from Sterimar products. They have a few different ones for different indications but they are all basically just saline so perfectly safe to use indefinitely.

Not ones that contain phenylephrine. Sudafed for instance. Read the label - it states you should not use them for more than 3 days.

Sudafed contains xylometazoline. I’m not familiar with nasal sprays that use phenylephrine off the top of my head?

You’re correct - it’s Sudafed tablets that contain phenylephrine, not the sprays. My mistake.

In any case - I wouldn’t use them for more than a few days Are You Overusing Nasal Spray?

I’ve had a case of that ‘rebound phenomena’ before and it ain’t pleasant.

My eyes could pop out? Wouldn’t be able to keep an eye on anything then!

It does seem counterintuitive, but vouching ID is a safeguard against abuse because you can also order repeat meds and request access to your GP medical record through this account too. Worth the hassle to go through the hoops once to get set up.

Also, there are three main clinical systems in GP land and the online services available will be operated by whichever system your practice uses. They all now allow you to self-register for a limited online account which will just let you book appointments, but it depends on whether your surgery has activated this option or not. EMIS and INPS are the two biggest providers and cover ~75% of the UK, so it may be worth trying the ‘register without a letter from your practice’ option with both of their websites here or here. It will only work if your practice is on one of these systems and has allowed this functionality though.

Other than that, telephone appointments are good if your surgery will offer. It should make no odds to the GP - they just dial a number as opposed to calling you in from the waiting room.

Lastly, if it’s concerning meds and you’re really stuck there’s currently an ‘urgent medicine supply’ pilot going on where signed up pharmacies can dispense a short term supply of previously issued meds. This can be arranged through calling 111 and speaking to one of their pharmacists.


Yeah, I know rebound congestion is a very important issue with them but up to seven days is fine.

Got a pain in the big toe of my right foot when I walk long distances. I’ve tried walking it off and I’m all out of ideas. Help me Dr laefly.

Hmm. I’ll stick to reading the label! I’m steering well clear of rebound congestion after last time!

Got so much stuff I need to see a doctor about that I’m afraid of making too many appointments and depriving other people who need it more. Don’t know which I should deal with first so I’m just putting them all off.

Also my doctors’ surgery only gives you appointments if you either call first thing on Wednesday/Thursday (can never remember which) or if you go in at 8am and book one for that day, which isn’t really possible if you have to work. I guess it’s cos they had too many people booking appointments three weeks in advance then not showing up but it’s a really fucking annoying system.

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Have you been wearing witches’ shoes?


you win some you lose some

Trust me :ambulance:

Ok I can live with the opinion of the British National Formulary :+1: