Medical Advice (rolling)



Yeah I haven’t been to the doctor in 6 years (that time was because I had what i know now to be anxiety related chest pain and thought I was going to have a heart attack lol - been getting that again lately for the first time in a while and had to remind myself a couple of times again that I’m not dying)

Mentally I’ve alternated between proper existential crisis about feeling like I’ve wasted my 20s achieving very little while I had the chance, and like I’ll now never be able to achieve anything; and feeling like “ok, so be it, I guess I’m just counting down til death from now on”. Both pretty bad. I hadn’t really thought about raising the mental health impact with the doctor as well, I’m feeling brighter today but it might be worth mentioning in any case.

In the end this might prompt some positive changes for me and force me into living a healthier lifestyle. Already disconnecting from some bad internet habits and going to sleep earlier.


I started sertraline and quit smoking (after 20 years) on the same day

my body was a DISASTER for a week…so weird…but coming out the other side…I feel a bit like a new person… if MH is part of it then definitely bring it up - I wish I had been medicated earlier…really has changed my life


I feel like my MH is mostly fairly alright the majority of the time (some social anxiety, lack of motivation and very bad procrastination but a pretty even mood most of the time) but certain events and circumstances can set me off in a pretty negative direction. After a while I’m alright again, and I can imagine I’ll feel a lot better naturally once I’ve found things alleviating my present situation, but yeah it might be worth a mention anyway to see if they think it might be something worth looking at.


Since it happened I’ve been trying to have as much fluids as physically possible, I think at the time I was losing so much water that the amount I took in wasn’t anywhere near enough.

Thank you


Yeah definitely try to get some electrolytes in you. If I’m sick with D&V, it’s always the first thing I take.

I wouldn’t worry too much because it’s probably cramping. I’d worry if you get it when you’re not sick though and then you should see the Dr.

I get pins and needles in my hands and feet (if I hold my hand up for 30 seconds, it’s dead) cause I have poor circulation and find it’s less when i’m hydrated or i’m taking vitamins.


Hello. This is the result of hyperventilation. When you overbreath, very quickly you reduce the amount of CO2 in your blood which increases the pH. Through a bunch of complex physiological mechanisms, the composition of electrolytes in your blood alters affecting nerve and muscle conduction. It happens any time you over breath but more easily if your electrolytes are already disrupted (because, for example you have been shiiting them out and replacing them with water…) Very commonly, the symptoms cause more anxiety and thus more overbreathing and ba-boom a viscious circle. Next time you have diarrhoea make sure you are replacing electrolyte loss (diorolyte or lucozade) and if you develop symptoms try breathing into a papwr bag (rebreathing your expired CO2 helps)

Sorry your doc in A&E didn’t explain this. I try to give some kind of explaination whenever i see this because I think it helps with future panic to know what’s happening!

Also worth saying there are no long term effects. Once your breathing normalises your chemistry normalises.


Wow, that’s really I’m depth, thank you so much. I’d give you 10 likes if I could

Not had diarrhoea recently, but I suspect that I am still affected by the electrolyte problem as my legs are painful and feel very restless.

My wife has gone out to find as many electrolyte replenishers as possible, so fingers crossed.


No problem. Don’t go overboard. If the vomiting and diarrhoa has stopped, your body will sort itself out soon! Feel better :grinning:


I think the pain I get in my right foot a bit (not too severe but feel it when I’m standing for a long time) is from a fallen arch. Is this a major concern? Should I just get a special insole for my shoe or does it require further treatment?

Also get a shin splint in that leg, probably related?

(Will speak to the doctor about it when I can obv)


I get restless legs if I need magnesium. This is a good spray (they also do a small bottle for a couple of quid).


Hyperlink fail!


Got a small lump just below my ankle. It’s kind of sore and hurts to move my foot at certain angles. I am fairly sure it’s a ganglion cyst, so harmless, and I think it’s come and gone away before, but I’ve had this one for over a week now. Got a doctors appointment tomorrow - anyone had one removed / had any experience of one on an ankle?


They are weird things. Had one on my wrist but I think the principle is the same. Harmless unless they are pressing on a nerve (mine wasn’t) when they can give a bit of pain. Mine went away after a while but I think they can be drained. The old wives’ tale about smacking them with a heavy book (I think it was originally supposed to be a Bible) is just that. Don’t try it, it hurts and doesn’t work.



The pain is very minimal so I’d prefer if just to be left if it’ll eventually go away.

Bloody stupid bodies.


my wife had one and it went away over time. worth getting it checked out though and drainage/removal is a straight forward procedure if recommended.


Has anyone got experience of taking antispasmodics?

I tried a new one (Alverine) last night and felt really strange. I took two instead of one, for stomach cramps, and felt high as a kite a few hours later, like i’d had a small amount of cocaine or ecstacy - proper restless legs, bad dry mouth, racing thoughts, rapid flashing when closed my eyes, etc.

That’s not possible off them, surely? I’ve used Buscopan without side effects, but found them ineffective.


Dry mouth and some weird psychological symptoms are common side effects from them. To do with their effect on the autonomic system I think. All drugs affect different people differently. This one sounds like it’s not for you.


Not taken them but worked/researched a lot in the area. There are a few alternatives that might be good for you so worth speaking to your GP/specialist to find an alternative. Because they’re quite old treatments the research can be quite limited, so a good specialist with experience is worth speaking too if you can. What did you switch to alverine from?


The gastroenterologist made three suggestions after a year of pain just below the ribs on my right hand side and all-clears on every kind of blood test and scan - Buscopan, Alverine and, weirdly, peppermint oil.

I think they’re clutching at straws, though. The pain quickly comes on when i lie down, and goes when i stand up, and i’ve kept food diaries and nothing tallies with the days i have the pains. My best guess is some sort of stress-related IBS.

I slept about two hours last night after taking them and i’d be surprised if i top that tonight. It was genuinely like taking a psychoactive drug - hours and hours of the shakes and surreal thoughts. I assumed it was just a mild muscle relaxant.


I basically can’t hear out of my left ear. I’m pretty sure it’s just temporary and trying not to panic, but it is very uncomfortable and disorientating, let alone a bit alarming. Also occasionally my right ear feels kind of ‘windy’, did have a brief moment of panic where I thought I might be about to go deaf.

I’m the kind of person that will try to fix it myself before going to a doctor incase it’s one of those things you can just google to save the resources for people who need them. I poured some almond oil in my ear this morning and now I just have properly muffled hearing.

Been like this since Wednesday.

Any advice? Will pobably head to a GP after the weekend if it persits.