Medical Advice (rolling)




ringing the doctor tomorrow!!!


Gouts a sign of balling. Respect


Pfft, what do they know.


I love internet diagnosis so much


gout would be pretty unusual just in the little toe and is a deeper joint pain. obviously can be easily diagnosed by a blood test - try drinking plenty of water to see if that helps.

could be cellulitis


I’m sure it’s not but wouldn’t hurt to get it checked.


What does this mean??

The pic for gout on wiki has cheered me up a wee bit at least



I thought it was for folks who eat and drink a lot of rich foodstuffs


Have any fellow asthmatics ever been switched from a separate reliever and proventer to a combined one? Just have and feel amazing except for constant acid reflux and furry mouth and dry throat making me cough more than I ever did before.

Picture related.



Yeah, tbh I have no idea what gout is. I’ve just heard it said before in things and it doesn’t sound like a good thing.


Gouts a sign off too much good living.

Have you been taking wine intravenously or snorting fois gras?


you all need lung transplants immediately…
but consult a doctor


Why does it hurt when i sneeze?




Hahaha. Eek… if something was ever going to scare me into healthy eating and not drinking it’s this!


Because you’re holding a book and when you go to cover your mouth and nose you hit yourself with it


this is only true about 20% of the time.


Some of us actually have a bit of a clue what we’re talking about m9


Don’t get hot, I respect your qualifications
I just think she might not have gout
Care to place a wager against a clueless scrub like I?


I dont actually think she has gout, just want people to see their doctors and not ignore stuff.