Medical Advice (rolling)

for god’s sake laelfy I’m trying to make a buck here!!!

Ok I’ll bet you 50p



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Feeling alright at the moment but tempted to do it just to see what it feels like

You should try to take a break from drugs like that occasionally to see if you still need to be using them. I had to on various different types of treatments. Think it was antibioitics that finally did it, or at least those were the last ones I was on when I came off them and it never came back.

Are you on that horrible stuff that dries your skin out and turns all your towels/bed linen a weird orange colour? That stuff was absolutely horrible and I hated it. Obviously acne isn’t the nicest thing to have but be nice to give your skin a break from some of those horrible creams once in a while.

We’ve all had them nights tbf

yeah i had bad acne when younger and just gave up with treatments and it was a mess, but over time sorted itself. I can understand a doctor suggesting you give it a go off treatment, hopefully it has just sorted itself out.

is there an out of hours collective number you can call to get something more convenient for you?

Or can you not call up first thing in the morning to get an urgent appointment for some time during the day?

Otherwise, I’d suggest doing 1 tomorrow lunchtime and then doing 2 if that doesn’t work. I’m assuming both 1 and 2 mean you need to book time off work.

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I switched over a month ago and feel much better but yeah more acid reflux

Get it up yer arse mate


I’m short of breath, sweating profusely, got a pain in my left arm, and increasingly severe chest pain. Anything I can stick up my bum for that?

Yeah, I’m gonna do it. Duac is fine, it’s a gel, doesn’t smell, doesn’t look weird (dries as if nothing is in yr skin) doesn’t discolour anything but obvs being on long term drugs is shit and bad.


Isn’t your practice open late a few days a week when you could register for online appointments? Mine is open until like 7.30pm or something.

I’m guessing it’s not something you could have a phone consultation about? Didn’t even realise that was a thing until earlier.

Dear Dr DiS,

How do you quickly and effectively get rid of an ungodly amount of snot in your sinuses?


Head over a bowl of boiling water. Steam dissolves the snot. Heaven.

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That must feel so weird!


i’ve got the heebie jeebies.

Teeth aren’t hurting today, will have to find something else to put up my bum