Medical Advice (rolling)



just gonna do a quick warning that some joint conditions can be made worse by yoga/excessive stretching generally. you’d probably be fine, but idk probably ask the doctor innit.


Ah this is pretty much me, constant wrist and shoulder pain, tight muscles and clicky joints all over my body, have to keep cracking my neck to reset it. Been to the doctor a couple of times who told me it might be RA and referred me to a specialist who basically took one look at me and said it can’t be. Think it’s something muscoskeletal, could also be fibromyalgia related. it’s shit whatever it is


Yeah, I’m rarely in too much pain but it’s the reduced strength/dexterity in the hands and the easy joint fatigue that’s getting me.

Not even gonna try picking up my guitar for a little while


i’ve only just noticed from feeling that at the side of my big toe on the right foot that gets a bit sore sometimes there’s a bit of a lump. possible gout?

does gout only affect the one joint it’s visible in or can it lead to general joint issues elsewhere at the same time?


I might as well post this here as the doctors are pretty flummoxed. Maybe the symptoms will ring a bell with someone. Long shot, but…

  • I get pain towards my right side, under the ribs. Sometimes it radiates down or upwards. Generally a dull ache, but sometimes a sharper stabbing pain. It gets a lot worse when i lie down, or when i sit down.

  • Chronic fatigue. Comes and goes. Stuggle to walk a mile some days and feel really disorientated.

  • Dull headaches around the temples. General brain fog.

Urine tests, blood tests, ultrasound, CT scan, X-ray, Endoscopy, Colonoscopy and MRI scan have all been fine.

Doctors have ruled out any issue with my kidneys including kidney stones, etc, any liver issue including fibrosis, cirrhosis, etc, blood disorders like haemachromatosis, any lung issues, gall stones, i’ve had my appendix out, there are no growths on any organs or inside my colon.

The last doctor i saw said i probably had IBS and said take some Buscopan, ffs. Sometimes the pain’s an inch or two below my nipples to the right which would be much further up than the ascending colon, no?


That sounds pretty rough man, not being able to get an answer must be incredibly frustrating. Got no advice to offer but hope you get to the bottom of it eventually.


Wor Lass had something similar to the rib pain for about two years.

She was prescribed a load of painkillers and anti sickness med which weren’t really helpful. She went to some quack allergy consultant who suggested an intolerance to wheat or dairy might be causing the inflammation in her ribs. Cutting both of those things out (or reducing them a lot) pretty much cut out all of those symptoms within a week.

I’m not a doctor but might be worth a shot?



I’ll have a look into it.

Cheers Keet.


Blurred because it’s dinner time Got fairly typical d&v today, which in itself is unpleasant but not unduly worrying. However, something just happened that did cause concern, I remember it occurring about 18 months ago too…I went to a&e and didn’t get any answers. Basically, whilst sat on the toilet for another D, both my hands started to develop pins and needles. I tried to move them/elevate them to alleviate this…but it just got worse…to the point where I couldn’t weight balance on my legs and my fingers contorted into a weird mangled position (it hurt to try and separate them). Only after ten minutes of panicking and breathing heavily, did it decrease enough to me to move (couldn’t even pulled my pants up before :flushed:) and the symptoms went altogether 10 minutes ago. Should I be worried?


Were you also ill when it happened 18 months ago?


Yes, similar symptoms


But not at any other time? Did your lips go fuzzy as well?

It’s probably a result of sitting on the loo for a while, or hyperventilating. I’ve sometimes had the same thing if I’m experiencing a very bad migraine.


No just then, so I’m tempted to just focus on getting better as then the issue will resolve itself. Just didn’t want to ignore something potentially serious.

Thank you, really appreciate it



I have something similar but its more my back…I have never been a person that could even crack their knuckles but in the last year just about every part of me cracks and tightens up.

So then yeh with anxiety on top of it i went into a proper meltdown and im sure it made it even worse, especially with tightening.

I think it is mostly terrible posture related and i have had to work very hard at correcting this…i also stretch every single morning and evening, go to the gym 3 times a week (and do a lot of stretching before a work out) and do a pilates class once a week (which has been incredible)

I stopped a bit whilst on a two week holiday and everything went much worse so I guess I have to just live like this.


I mean, if you’re worried, or it’s causing you anxiety, or if it happens at another time, then go see a doctor, but it sounds like a product of the d&v.


Seem like generic symptoms that could be related to dehydration, hypoglycemia - which d+v might cause?

possible vagal response - can diarrhoea/gi issues trigger this?


Re: the vagal response, I was getting pretty anxious at this point. So I think it’s likely to either be down to that (plus hyperventilating) or dehydration. Both things I can address to some extent


I’ve always had a cracky neck and hands since I was secondary school at least. I’ve been feeling a lot more cracks and stuff just recently but earlier this week I seemed to be getting more and more pain in different places and muscles, including my shoulders, but it seems to have eased off a bit now so I think it was partly muscle tightening with anxiety yeah. One problem was I was trying to spend less time online to give my hands a rest but this gave me much more time alone with my thoughts :confused: Was getting proper “my life is basically over” feelings which is a bit irrational (think I might have Adjustment Disorder or something along those lines, but again I’m self-diagnosing here).

Been rubbing deep heat into sore muscles which has helped a bit in some more than others. New mattress should be coming this week so hopefully that should help straighten me out and I’m trying to improve my posture too (I think I was trying too hard to keep my shoulders back at first which contributed to those starting to ache too). I’ve had slight back pains here and there although they’ve not been the worst or most persistent part of it all, but those definitely feel like a direct result of sleeping on an uneven surface and I’m hoping sorting that will sort a lot of the other issues out too (I really regret leaving it until the problem got worse when the solution was always just a text to my landlord away)

Have you been to the doctor and all yeah? Got my registration forms in to my GP the other day so waiting for confirmation and then I’m going to book an appointment to discuss it. Planning to get into stretching and pilates or yoga or whatever works but as per tricklenipple’s advice I’m going to wait until I’ve spoken to the doctor first to determine the right approach. Same with proper exercise as I’m worried about putting too much pressure on joints.

Mood has been picking up though due to taking positive steps towards help and chatting to people and hearing things that have worked for them, so cheers for the reply


I have been to the doctor mainly due to how much i was worrying about it

I have been to the docs more in the last year than in my life previous.

Get a tennis ball and allow your body weight to lie on to areas that are tight with the ball under you

To be honest - I ended up being prescribed sertraline for on going MH issues which also helped somewhat deal with the terrible way i was feeling about it all…literally was thinking…well ive done some nice things in my life so if this is the end then so be it…i am MUCH MUCH better now


Are you feeling thirsty? If you’re feeling thirsty, you’re already dehydrated and need to hydrate. Do you have any rehydration salts or anyone who can bring you some later? a Dioralyte sachet would help.

Muscle cramps are a symptom of dehydration so I can imagine the finger thing would be that.