Medical conditions people may never know they have

I know there are lots of medical conditions people go their whole lives never knowing they have…

Like Gilbert’s syndrome for example (high bilirubin levels)



Gigantism of the penis



Do you think some kind of branded underwear campaign could increase awareness?

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Abso-ruddy-lutely! A very ambiguous campaign utilising the slogan ‘I’ve been tested…’

Chagas disease is a bastard, you can get infected by a mosquito and have no idea you’re a carrier, then 30 years later your heart packs up

could work well as a tv advert using a reworking of the kinks ‘victoria’

mozzies have a lot to answer for

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Quite a lot of people live with a small hole in the heart which either closes over time or is so small as to not warrant treatment.

I guess Fabrice Muamba & James Taylor wouldn’t have ever found out about their heart conditions if they weren’t sportsmen

The TV works in clinical biochemistry so is often chatting about bilirubin. Always think it sounds like a 1950s footballer.

Yeah my sister has a hole in the heart, I think it was a concern when she was a baby but it became less of a problem as she grew up

I have this:

and would never have known if I hadn’t had a load of scans earlier this year for something else.

There have been various cases of people living completely normal lives only to discover either through chance or upon autopsy after death that they were missing a significant part of their brain (insert joke about DiSer of your choice here).

Can’t find my favourite case just now, but here’s a couple of others that Google throws up…

I think Klinefelter Syndrome is pretty interesting and often goes undiagnosed - particularly if the male with it never tries for children. Caused by randomly receiving an an extra X chromosome (so XXY).

Main symptom is infertility, but often also manifests more subtly in being taller, more physically underdeveloped, having smaller genitals than usual and possibly moobs (again, insert DISer joke here).