Medical Queries #ssp


I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread where if anyone has any slight medical concerns, they can be asked on here to see if anyone else has any experience of the same. Obviously, whilst doctors are under huge pressure at the moment, this thread shouldn’t be used instead of going to the doctors.

Marked it as SSP just to prevent any ‘comedy’ answers coming through

I keep getting a spot on each of my inner thigh. It happened last winter and I did go to the doctors who said it seemed like it might be a bite. Went away but again this winter, the same has happened. There’s one on each thigh, almost symmetrical

Bizarrely I also have this… but one was a wasp sting and one is (I think) an ingrown hair, so this is probably of zero help. But my thighs are symmetrically scarred now :upside_down_face:

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They do seem like bites but god knows how, just seems odd it has occurred in winter too!

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I had a winter bite too around November and put some bite/sting cream on it and it cleared up

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i’ve got a couple of ailments on the go at the moment

  1. I seem to start coughing when I eat
  2. I have had ear aches on and off in both ears for months

On 1 I thought it might be gluten intolerance or something, it mainly happens when I eat bread but also other stuff. Now I think it might be dysphagia which is when you dont swallow properly, think it might be this because i’ve notice I can’t drink a glass of water very fast anymore, it often goes down the wrong way and my swallowing feels like the muscles aren’t co-ordinated

On 2 I had a pretty bad ear infection last March, but I dont think it is related to that as it is happening in both ears and never goes as full blown as that. I have two theories, one is my ears have started to grow little hairs and I cannot tolerate it so keep plucking them out, maybe it is something to do with that. Second theory is maybe it is linked to the coughing problem, maybe my jaw is the problem and it is misaligned my swallowing mechanism and some internal ear muscles.

I have tried to look into it and apparently having an overbite can cause both dysphagia and earaches (and headaches which I always have), worry that I might just be being a hypochrodiac and drawing together unrelated things. I had a call with a doctor last year when both ears were playing up, and I mentioned the coughing when eating on the off chance of it being related (hadn’t drawn these connections but thought they might be related because the areas affected aren’t that far off each other and were happening at the same time) the doctor laughed at me and said ‘I dont know what I can do with that’ so it has put me off.

Don’t even know who I should raise it with, go to the doctor and explain my symptoms and see if they suggest my theory as a possibility, or come straight out with my theory and see what they say, or should I go to a dentist/orthodontist. dunno

I sort of have a similar thing but the never go away, I just keep getting more of them. I did Google it a few years ago and found out they a) just happen b) sometimes they’re bites that turn into something permanent.You can have them removed if they cause issues (mine bleed when I shave my legs but that’s it) but guess they leave a bigger scar. I hate them. Have symmetrical ones on my shins, a new one on the side of my lower keg, 2 or 3 on my thighs. They’re really red and I’ll never wear anything that shows my legs. Wush I could remember what it was called. Imagining I’ll end up with loads especially as I’m constantly getting bitten😑

Coughing when you eat - do you use chilli powder in your food? If I eat certain spaces or sometimes if they’re cooked a certain way I have a chesty cough immediately after. Used to only get it years back when I had zinger from kfc, now its not everytime I have chilli but its definitely the culprit. Really weird as its so sudden and uncontrollable


there is chilli powder in some things I eat but it seems to happen when I eat most things, it is worst with white bread and it happens instantly, I wonder if my throat doesn’t close properly (as I choke often when drinking) and maybe tiny bread particles are going down my wind pipe.

I’m convinced now its jeans chafing!


Worth adding that a trip to a pharmacist can be a good idea if people have minor medical queries

Remembered what mine seems to be - Dermatofibroma.

Yeah, maybe you’ve got a boil? Remember when Jason orange got one from wearing tight short shorts?

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Ask for allergy tests in that case

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I need to get my hips checked but you know when you’ve had something for so long that it’s embarrassing or you feel like they’ll not believe you’ve kept it quiet for so long? Had very bad hips since I was…idk, 13? Pretty sure I’ll need a hip replacement soon and literally never mentioned it to a doctor, so almost 25 years. Just let them crumble away to nothing rather than say anything.

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I’m sure doctors have that a lot!

May as well get it checked out , they’ll either say it’s nothing and carry on or they’ll be able to do something to help you out


Definitely. And there’s usually long waiting lists for hip replacements, so it’s best to get the GP aware of the issue at an early stage rather than wait until you can’t walk and then find out there’s an 18 month wait for the operation (as I keep telling my Dad, whose mobility is getting steadily worse, but obviously he’s ignoring this sensible advice).

Have put it off in recent years because of recovery time and having to cancel tours, would have been absolutely perfectly timed if I’d gone and got it sorted before covid as had to cancel them all anyway.

Also isn’t there a minimum age to get it anyway which I thought was about 40 but maybe not. I will make an appointment this year

Ok, so - I have had pretty constant hip problems for years and only in the last year have I done something about it, as the pain was getting worse and worse and suddenly so bad I stopped exercising halfway through last year. I ended up getting a consultation with a specialist GP as I was very concerned about early onset rheumatoid arthritis - turns out my problem is not structural - thank god - but actually a compensation issue. My hips do way more work than they should do because basically I’m missing/atrophied a whole bunch of bum muscles so my hip flexors have been taking the strain and getting progressively more painful with aches and jolting clicking etc. Now I’m seeing a physio every few weeks and doing special bum exercises. And a lot of squats.

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I have quite bad arthritis in my hands and all the women in my family have had it effect their walking so I am expecting that to be a possibility but I’m also flat footed and walk lile 30,000 steps a day in not very supportive shoes so could definitely be down to something like that but I remember when I was younger I couldn’t take a bath as I’d feel my hip almost float out of my socket I guess from relaxing or something. Idk.

Yeah, family past with arthritis was one of those factors that pushed me to seek help, fortunately it’s not the problem for me right now, though I do have an explanation for why I basically have no arse.
Either way, definitely see someone about it! It’s only ever too late if you do nothing.

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Have had horrendous lower right back pain for a few days. It’s not too bad when I’m walking (can walk the dogs without a problem), and is tolerable when standing, but sitting or lying down is absolute agony (and for a while after getting up out of either position). Have had hardly any sleep and just spending the day walking round the house. Can’t face the thought of going to bed as I know how much it will hurt. Genuinely tried to find a way to box me in so I could try sleeping standing up.

Anyway, Google and NHS docs suggest that GPs won’t prescribe anything for back pain and will just recommend lifestyle changes and coping mechanisms etc. So feel like I shouldn’t make an appointment as I will be dismissed as a time waster and there’s not much point if I won’t be offered anything.

Been taking ibuprofen and using heat pads but not helping at all. Tried sleeping on both beds (one has firmer mattress) but no luck.

Think I’m going to throw up again. So much pain and so miserable, not sure how much more I can stand.