Medical Queries #ssp

I’m not a doctor but if that’s your only symtpom it doesn’t seem very likely to be covid

I’ve got a small rash/sore patch of skin kind of thing too actually.

hidden because mildly gross

In my armpit. I thought it might be from deodorant overuse, because I realised I was putting deodorant on like 3-4 times a day, so, as I’m not going anywhere, I haven’t been putting deodorant on for a few days, to see if it helps. I was expecting to be smelly and sweaty and gross but you know what, turns out I’m not, so what the fuck was i using all that deodorant for? (Unfortunately not using it hasn’t healed my skin yet)

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Sorry for spamming thread with this, but today I’ve felt very lethargic. Has anyone whose had shingles or gone on the antivirals had this?

Also generally feel dread but that’s mostly due to a bad day in work