Medical trials and focus groups


Anyone ever done any of these? I’m intrigued. Be as open as you feel you can be about it pls.


Signed up for emails/texts for some years ago when I was unemployed and desperate for money. I never attended one though.

My contribution to this thread is that there is no unsubscribe option and I still get these texts/emails.


Yes, I’ve done a number of trials in the past and I now run them for a living. Bit busy right now to just waffle but if you have any specific questions fire away.


Once. Think it was around £180 for a three part trial - interview, bloods, scans, etc. If memory serves the interview was so long and invasive that i went away questioning whether it was worth it but i was unemployed at the time, so…


Signed up for some Med trials before re: crohn’s but 1 time my symptos weren’t serious enough and the other time it didn’t work with my work schedule.

Have done one focus group before ages ago, and sometimes run them, but they tend to be existing customers that we reach out to.

Also did a reaction test where I had to drink alcohol and then do various tasks for a uni student.


My first ever hopusemate got made bankrupt as he crashed into someone and has to pay off their car so had to do these failry often.

Cant really do anything now as they screwed up removing muscle from his leg - got an infection or something.

Coincedentally our other housemate (who I’m seeing tonight, funnily enough) now works in this profession programming the software to tell the medical people what to do based on weight or whatever. I’m pretty sure he worked for that company where they guys heads expanded, at some point.

I also had a girlfriend who went to flu camp for 10 days and then dumped me for a guy she met there.


Ooh! Are you doing them for one business or are you part of a business that does focus groups for OTHER businesses?


signed up for one years ago. had to take some poo samples in.

in the end I think my blood was too cannabis-y or something ('kin students).

got 25 quid for my trouble (a nugget of my poo sold for 25 quid basically)


I know people who have signed up for focus groups/marketing groups and all of them have done about half a dozen before quitting in rage at the utter stupidity and racism of other people in the group.


yeah this is something i always wondered about. do i REALLY want to be faced with what the public as a whole thinks?


Sorry, I only do trials and don’t have any experience with focus groups


this is my fault - i’ve merged two completely different things. what i MEAN is


Signed up for for one focus group as a student. It was over-attended and they didn’t need me so I walked away with a cool free £40. I have no idea why I didn’t try to attend any others.


welcome zorb!


never been in any with anything as bad as racism and sexism (probably more due to luck than anything else) but definitely been in some where it’s been very frustrating as the concept or introduction has taken a long time for some to grasp, or people getting stuck on something and it going in circles.


A bit of both. Work for a university trials unit and we both run our own Dr led trials and we also conduct trials on behalf of other ‘sponsors’ (biotechs, Pharma etc).


that’s freaking amazing. i now envy your job


Nah it’s an humongous amount of box ticking and pedantry with an outside chance of curing someone’s cancer. Still working on it…


Nearly did flu camp, you got 20squid for just the preliminary 5min meeting. If you decided to do it, it was two weeks where they supplied you with accommodation entertainment and possibly flu. They also pay you a couple of bags of sand!


you’re still dealing with increasing those chances though and for that you get a ethereal xylo hi-5, now known as the xy-5