Mediums with names that sound like snacks from the Indian subcontinent. (Rolling)

There’s a riddle sat unsolved in the thread, if I remember correctly. I didn’t say anything because I assumed no one was interested anymore.

I reckon they’re fans of both chips and coffee on the Indian subcontinent so:

So sorry, Noah. I got distracted.

Yours is a very commendable effort. And one which I wasn’t even expecting.

Too little too late I know. I’m a horrible, horrible bastard.


I reckon they are too.

Russell Naant

Oh excellent. I was just trying to think of a good one for him.


paul daal-niels
debbie mcGhee

fuck off saps

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I didn’t make you do this.

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saps, are we allowing magicians and magicians’ assistants? We’re straying a little, here.

Mystic Murgh

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there’s no more mediums

I don’t think I should be in charge of this.

I wasn’t really expecting any replies.

I’ve created a monster.

Saloo Morgan