Meep meep Monday eve

Enjoying this temperature drop tbf tbh


I’ve gone back to long sleeves and I’m still a bit cold

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Did 10 hours down the beer mines then went and did the big shop. Very tired now. Had nuggets & chips for tea, now watching Rick Astley singing Smiths songs.


Damn. Today at work was bad. Not somebody died bad, but wanna quit bad. How do people just quit their jobs though. Wild


Canada wildfires smoke expected imminently

Still feels warm up Nottingham way.

Not sure what to do this eve.

Roasting some beetroot baby.

Late for uh meeting people

Burnt my tongue checking some roast beetroot

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the co-op deal is back!

can’t wait to see what the Papa Industry think all the fuss is about


Had leftovers from that BBQ yesterday. Watching succession and eating a Cornetto. Got a little prep to finish for a presentation I’ve got to give tomorrow

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My Simba Hybrid Firm Pillow is here

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Yeah that’s some good beetroot

New white border around the notification thing on here

Making a birthday cake for tomorrow’s very special day.

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Proper dorky podcast i did is out. Cringe listened (i dont mind hearing my own voice but remember not feeling like i knew anything). It wasn’t…that bad? :grimacing:

Wish i looked this cute when snoozing


Just got back from my evening walk, did 6 laps around the small park listening to Mae Martin read their book.

Had leftover egg whites so @avery made two meringues (I was gonna but then couldn’t be bothered /want to finish my book)

I dolloped/shaped them though and pretty pleased with how neat I got them :sunglasses:


Barbecue leftovers here also. Just chilling out with Queer Eye. Should really tackle the mountain of ironing.

Low level anxiety about buying birthday presents for family members next month. No idea where to start :cold_sweat: