Meerkat Manor

Remember that? Yeah?

Simples. Yeah?

Michael from Alan Partridge. Yeah?

How many Meerkats have you got? We’ve got like 7 or 8.

I tried to bring back simples on the old board. Went well for about a day then I lost interest.

I had a safari meerkat, no idea what happened to it though.

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went to Monkey Forest once

its a right con

We don’t have that one.

It’s quite amazing though, whenever young kids go up to my son’s room they always come back with those fucking Meerkats. Kids love 'em. Simples.

Was the issue with the monkeys or the forest?

quite amazing that adults started basing who they wanted to get their car insurance from on whether the company gave them a soft toy meerkat

Yeah I’m with you, fuck those plastic Brians.

I could see a meerkat within TEN minutes if I wanted. Shall I?

I have seen those Meerkats (although what is a Meerkats lifespan, this was like three years back so they may all be deceased).

12 – 14 years

In captivity


bit of both really