Meet The Residents - A listening club for avant pop band The Residents - Week 25 - Mush-room

Duck tales awooo ooo

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I hadn’t heard this album before but that was a very, very promising first listen. I think I preferred the shorter tracks in the first half but it works really well as a whole package.

Reckon Funky Fresh Thurston and the gang were listening to N-Er-Gee when they were coming up with Master Dik

Meet The Residents is a really fun record that you couldn’t really pigeon hole into any era really - it truly sounds like it’d fit right into the outisder music movement of the 90s as much more so than when it came out in 1974. The first side is definietely my fav - the way those first 7 or so songs segway into each other with a kinda relentless and playful energy works really well and the songs all subtely burrow into your skull and become catchier and catchier as time goes on. The longer more instrumental stuff on side B I enjoy but it’s deffo not as strong and does slow the albums brisk pace quite significantly and can feel longer than it is as a result - not that it’s not still brimming with ideas and doesn’t sound wholy uniqique iit’s just its playfulness can begin to veer into slightly irritating territory - that being said my personal highlight ‘Rest-Aria’ kicks off this side exceptionally well a surprisingly beautiful piano driven instrumental accompanied by glockenspiels it’s played incredibly straight but it still somehow oozes the same personality as the rest of the record.

Not my fav Residents record but deffo a very striking and unique debut


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Smelleh tongues look just as they felt
Smelleh tongues look just as they felt
Smelleh tongues look just as they felt
Smelleh tongues look just as they felt

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Really shit album. Shit songs, shit production. Numb Erobe is the only song I don’t hate.


Boo No GIF by Sarah Squirm

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I didnt like how it sounded for the longest time but ive really warmed to it. Its got this very large open soundstage and it does sound like a bunch of folk bashing away in instruments together in a make shift studio (which is exactly what it is) in away that sort of adds to the charm a lot.

Compared to some of their 80s and 90s records in particular the production is a breath of freshair

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I had a second listen today and loved it as much today as yesterday. So much music with this much experimentation veers into a place where the only way I can enjoy it is with a sort of academic focus, for want of a better phrase. With this, there’s so much playfulness going on and nothing is po-faced. Nothing outstays its welcome, even the longer tracks tie things up just at the point where my attention is at its limit.



So yeah, Meet The Residents!

I like it more as an older listener than I did when I first got it (which must’ve been shortly after this reissue came out - so mid/late noughties). But listening now, even as a Residents album it’s very odd (which is quite impressive).

The messing around with pop culture (Boots and The Human Beinz track) feels more like early/primitive plunderphonics stuff in that it’s repeated and rearranged as Negativland and hip hop would come to do, rather than the more warped straight-up covers they’d do later on. The original compositions do also have the kind of blueprint for the later atonal odd-pop they’d flesh out later on. But, yeah, it winds up being a curious listen rather than a satisfying one for me - akin to how I feel after listening to Jandek or The Shaggs.

You can hear the influence it’s had on loads of areas of underground music later on though. Negativland, Butthole Surfers, Throbbing Gristle.


Like it a lot

Horrible discordant horn(?) blasts used so effectively on duck stab in full effect right at the start in boots.

Overall, a deeply unsettling, nightmarish, evocative and often quite annoying listen. Exactly how it should be.


Love it when they actually (sort of) get a groove on in infant tango as well



Third Reich ‘n’ Roll [1976]

Don’t think there is much more to say about this album other than ‘shitposting’ like a nightmareish DJ set/medley comprised of covers of pop songs from the 50s/60s/70s.

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Promo single that wasn’t on the album

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Oh man, I forgot to vote on Meet the Residents

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Yeah I’m not bothering with time limited polls now

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Well that was a wild ride! It felt like when you’re at a fun fair and the music from the Waltzer is bleeding into the music from the dodgems which is melding with the organ music from the carousel. It’s so loud and disorientating and every now and again you can pick out a melody or snatch of vocal that’s familiar to you.

Not as easily accessible as MtR was but a lot of interesting things going on nevertheless.

This album in a lot of ways is way way way ahead of its time - as I say it plays like a massive DJ mix and is shitposting - makes light use of plundertronics and electronic elements/synths started to creep their way into the sound by this point.

I’m not a big fan of this particular album though - something of a curiosity that I found engaging once or twice but never feel the want or need to return to as it’s all a bit much for me. The concept doesn’t really land with me either - pop music in a ‘what if the nazis won the war’ context isn’t one that does anything for me really.

Ahead of it’s time for sure but generally not for me - the ‘Hey Jude’ cover at the end if the standout for me - fantastic stuff - also liked the percussion. The vocals really not so much

Not feeling this one as much as MtR. There are moments that I really liked, like the wah wah wah going on in the background of 96 Tears, the demented mutation of Yummy Yummy Yummy and the section that goes In A Gadda Da Vida > Hey Jude > Sympathy For The Devil which I thought was the highlight of the whole thing. It was fun trying to pinpoint all the songs too. I got 15/29.

According to the wiki this is highly thought of by critics, not sure I’ll be rushing back myself

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Irredeemable shite. 1/10

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