Meet The Residents - A listening club for avant pop band The Residents - Week 28 - I am a Resident

Just gauging interest for now before commiting - will only cover their main studio albums otherwise we’ll be here for years but realise theyre extremely narmite and im telling you right now… youll hate a lot of it even if you think you wont. But itll be one hell of an interesting ride followong the recording career of a band that lasts 5 decades and constantly changing their sound dont ya think?

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I have no idea if I will enjoy anything I hear, but would be interested to learn more about them

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I’ll likely hop in and out of the thread as I’m curious, but can’t commit to listening to their albums even if only their main studio albums (whichever & however many they are).

I was gifted 2 LPs last year and still haven’t listened to them.

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Would be very up for this. But I tend to be a bit of a lurker…

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Will see if anymore interest arises and let you know Friday the plan


I like some of the residents. They are a very unique and interesting band. I haven’t got the commitment for a listening club but will defo dip into the thread.

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Okay seems like there is just about enough interest on top of a couple additional people dipping in and out for us to give this a shot - just be forewarned if this ends up being me yelling at myself and only me that it made hault but I’m happy to go ahead with the number :slight_smile:

Here’s the plan - we’ll start this week 1 in September with their 1st album 'Meet The Residents and every Monday we’ll move onto the next album giving 1 week per album. The poll and fav track polls will be included in the post on Monday as well as a small bio of the album which wouldn’t have been written by me but I’ll link the source (quite frankly I dont consider myself very good at describing music and never have been so I’ll leave it to the blurbs on Wikipedia and what not) but may garnish it with the residual knowledge I do know.

CONTENT WARNINGS. There will be content warnings - this band takes a very conceptual approach to their music and often narrative and in the first person of some truly awful people around some sensitive subject matter and some inappropriate language also sneaks it’s way into some of the music from time to time. For example an N bomb is casually thrown out on a song in Fingerprince from a character portrayed as a grouchy old woman or the entirety of E****O which can be considered offensive to the Inuit cultures - despite being a commentary on National Geo’s portrayal of such cultures it it’s self isn’t free of the same criticisms despite being completely free of lyrics other than ‘COCA COLA YEAH!’. I fully believe this is more a side effect of covering a narrative/conceptual heavy band that started in the 70s lampooning cultural ignorance sometimes heavy handily more so than ill intent myself but will deffo make sure you’re all aware going into this of any content you may wish to skip on these grounds. It’s still relatively rare and definitely cools off a lot once we head into the 80s but it’s there and I’ll make sure you know about it before you chose to listen to it - as best I can anyways as there are a lot of albums I know very little of.

We will only be covering their main studio albums - I’ll be skipping the American composure series completely - the live shows completely and the compilations completely - there is simply too many albums as is to realistically cover that ground and a lot of it isn’t interesting enough to warrant listening to. There will 2 exceptions ‘Roadworms’ which is the live version of ‘Woodworm’ because it highlights PERFECTLY my issue with a certain era of the Residents and I think it’d be cool case study to compare the inferior studio album to the much superior live version of the same album and Duck Stab! Alive! which is essentially a reworking of a 70s album to their modern sound which again think is a cool thing to look at and is currently their last album so it’ll be an interesting way to tap off the progress of their career. If an album comes out during this time we’ll cover it.

Current schedule starting 4th September
Week 1: Meet The Residents
Week 2: The Third Reich N Roll
Week 3: Fingerprince
Week 4: Not Available
Week 5: Duck Stab
Week 6: E****O
Week 7: Commercial Album
Week 8: Mark of The Mole
Week 9: Intermission
Week 10: The Tunes of Two Cities
Week 11: Title in Limbo (with Renaldo & The Loaf)
Week 12: The Big Bubble
Week 13: God in Three Persons
Week 14: Freak Show
Week 15: Our Finest Flowers
Week 16: The Gingerbread Man
Week 17: Wormwood
Week 18: Roadworms
Week 19: Demons Dance Alone
Week 20: Animal Lover
Week 21: Tweedles!
Week 22: The Voice of Midnight
Week 23: The Bunny Boy
Week 24: Coochie Brake
Week 25: Mush-Room
Week 26: The Ghost of Hope
Week 27: Intruders
Week 28: Metal Meat & Bone
Week 29: Duck Stab! Alive!

End date currently: 18th March 2024

So there you have it - 5 decades worth of music and a discography of 78 condensed down to what I consider the ‘mainline records’ + a couple extras I thought would be interesting to cover - much more pallettable than the 78 records presents as their main discography


I’m bang up for this. I consider myself a fan, but there’s loads I don’t know. There’s also a collab 7"/track with some fella crooning I really love but have completely forgotten the name of, so if anyone has any suggestions what that might be, lemme know! Otherwise maybe it will come up at some point :slight_smile:

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Did the 7 inch ‘leak’ on youtube recently. If so thats the entire 2nd disc of Metal Meat and Bone

Otherwise no idea what youre referijg to other than pote tially a collab with Renaldo and The Loaf as im not sure of any other collabs

i heard it on YouTube a few years back… 2018. I don’t think it was a leak or a collab with RatL.

If this is it its Metal Meat And Bone which is a concept album where the Residents cover an albums worth of material of ‘lost’ music by Alvin Snow. Disc 1 are the residents versions and disc 2 are the ‘originals’

Ahhh, this isn’t the track but, yeah, it might be off here!

Week 1
Meet The Residents [1974]


Let’s begin shall we - this week we listen to the results of a bunch of people buying a warehouse and playing just about every musical instrument they can get their hands on a recording ‘Meet The Residents’

From Wikipedia


The music on Meet the Residents is a mixture of several Western genres, including blues, jazz, opera and classical music, performed in an amateurish manner, deliberately or otherwise. The album features much of what came to be the Residents’ trademark sound for most of the 1970s, with loud horns, odd time signatures and cartoonish vocals. Fans and critics have compared the music to that of Captain Beefheart and the Mothers of Invention.

The first six tracks on the album segue into each other to form a sort of suite, starting with a skeletal cover of Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots are Made for Walkin’” before transitioning into a medley of piano melodies, Dadaist lyrics and oddly-timed percussion, ending in “Smelly Tongues”, one of the group’s better known songs.

The rest of the album is composed of longer, more developed compositions (with the exception of the short “Skratz”). Tracks like “Rest Aria” and “Spotted Pinto Bean” are structured in a classical manner, with grand piano backdrops, horns, sound effects and operatic vocals.

Meanwhile, the second side of the album consists of more percussion-based mostly instrumental compositions, particularly the track “N-ER-GEE (Crisis Blues)”, the longest track on the album, a suite which at one point notably samples and loops the Human Beinz single “Nobody but Me” (around the word “boogaloo”) and builds increasingly chaotic music around it.

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Fav Song.

  • Boots
  • Numb Erone
  • Guylum Bardot
  • Breath and Length
  • Consuelo’s Departure
  • Smelly Tongues
  • Rest Aria
  • Skratz
  • Spotted Pinto Bean
  • Infant Tango
  • Seasoned Greetings
  • N-Er-Gee
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Yeah pretty interesting film especially as its obvious some of the ‘suits’ are band members or were band members and they insist to speak in 3rd person even to this day :smiley:

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I’ve given this a little mention on the DiS Twitter and Facebook (hope that’s ok) as I’m sure some people will wanna join in, even if they don’t take part in posting.


Tis perfectly fine by me

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And I thought Crispin Glover had done the weirdest cover of These Boots

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Wait til u hear third reich n roll