Meeting famous people who(se creative/professional output) you don't like


Inspired by this:

I also met former health secretary Andrew Lansley when I was working for my previous job. Clammy handshake, from what I remember.


Does oil paintings in his spare time, does he?


Oh I think you posted this before I edited the thread title. I was like “what’s @epimer on about now?!”


Cillian Murphy. I think the only film I’ve ever seen him in was the first Nolan-directed Batman which I didn’t care for. We just talked about music instead.


Well now you’ve made me look a right (pralines and) dick.


My area is full of wankers from nme hype bands of ten years ago, too many to mention


Sanjay from Eastenders. Sang the Eastenders theme tune to him


Kate Nash stepped on my foot.



one of my ATDs is an ATD of the drummer of a relatively famous band. fucking hate the music, but I’ve obviously never mentioned that.

I worked in chris evans’ pub briefly, so met him a few times, which was awful.


is that the band that literally everyone seems to know personally


I can imagine Chris Evans thinking that everyone who met him would be glad to meet him. He’d go up to the bar and half-expect you to be awestruck.


I met the Duke of Westminster. I say ‘met’. He ignored me.

He’s dead now.


Did you walk in the road?


bang on, really. he came in twice during my 4 month stint there, and both times he make unsolicited attempts to interact with customers eating their meals or having a pint. overheard him asking a parent if they wanted a picture of him with her son, when they were clearly just trying to have a quiet lunch. thought that was pretty pathetic.


Never had the pleasure of his good lady wife




Ed Balls


Met a few Tory MPs through work, usually when buildings are being officially opened.

Got into some awkward small talk with one of them when he asked if we were busy and I had to say that no, we weren’t and that we were making redundancies as a result of the government cancelling projects.


Ronan Keating


What did you say to him? chips the ball into the box