Meetings with Bank Managers


These are truly exciting times. When was YOUR last meeting with a bank manager, friends?


Never had one.


a few years ago for a mortgage application.

i was drunk.




Only happens in 70s and 80s sitcoms I’m afraid.


Next you’ll be having a Christmas party in the office or inviting the boss and wife over for dinner.


Never had one with the actual bank manager. Had a meeting with the actual bank in January this year.


round about 2008 was it?


the…bank itself?

do you mean you used a cash machine?


again, would love to like this!


February this year. It was perfectly fine.



having worked in a bank for a little while, you never get to see the actual bank manager

they play golf and shit all day. you’ll probably meet some low-level drone, like I used to be


My bank phones me from time to time to ask if I want to go in for a meeting to discuss how things are going etc. No thanks.


His business card says Senior Personal Banker. I guess you’re right.



Unless you’re a REALLY reckless spender or a troublesome customer, in which case you might get to actually meet the manager.

Either way, it’s not something to be proud of…


I like to spend as much of my working day on the throne as well. Beats working.


just to confirm i have been neither of these (in recent years)


Headphones on whilst taking a dump, eh?

Not for me, Clive.


Those are obviously both things to be proud of