Currently in a teleconference that is just one person thinking out loud, to no benefit to anyone else on the call.

Please share good meeting anecdotes before I lose my mind.

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Got told my ‘face was really close’ on my latest Skype. Took it as a compliment


got a call in 6 minutes

Have I got time to go down 4 floors to get a twix, make a tea and join the call on time?

(It really won’t matter if I’m late)

Absolutely not, but you should do it anyway.

Nobody has a good anecdote about a meeting because nothing good, interesting or fun has ever happened during any meeting in human history

I thought maybe somebody might have heard a fart once. I’d enjoy that.

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one on one with my old boss, he did a tiny comedy guff. For the rest of the meeting it was so hard not to erupt into laughter, I could feel the corners of my mouth going at times and it doesn’t help to imagine telling other people about it.

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I’m on, 3 minutes late - and their is music playing on the call still!!

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got out of the lift a floor early like an idiot too


but got myself a kit kat chunky as well as the twix - so I’m ahead all in all

Had a phone meeting with our President this morning. He’s French. Very French. It’s a bloody nightmare.

This morning’s meeting took place while he was going through the Eurotunnel. Translation was even more impossible.

someone will have an amusing tale involving people forgetting to mute their phones

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I did that when visiting my London office the other week. I realised as I was stepping out of the lift but didn’t want to look like an idiot in front of some strangers and was late to my meeting instead.

Would have to be a pretty hefty fart to be picked up by a phone, tbf.

In one now, then a conference call at 3. Wooooo

Straight into another call after this one. Haven’t prepared for it. Don’t care.

Yep. Boring. I’m not prepared either.

If I had to place a bet on who would have that story I’d be torn between you and balonz

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I hate meetings.