Meevening II

Turns out I used meevening once before so this is no. II.

I’m listening to Ed sheeran in the bath and just finished a magazine.

How’s your meevening?

(Me)evening, Tilty et al :wave:

Today marks the end of my annual leave :sob::sob::sob: it’s been really lovely and properly relaxing, and I’m slightly bereft that it’s over.

Had a doomscroll of my work emails earlier (200 of them but nothing awful) and did the online shopping order. Now listening to Belle and Sebastian.

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I’m having pizza because today wasn’t really a great day tbh.

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i’m chatting to a bunch of nerds, we’re waiting for @keith to grace us with his presence


Called my parents, then I’ve just made a cup of tea. Going to watch the MotoGP highlights in a bit.

Think that’s about it.

I am walking for a bit to clear my head. Have settled into the idea of having alone time for the next little while and made the lounge into a studio. Got a ska EP to finish this week; got an full separate lofi/scuzzrock one lined up to record for next week. Was originally gonna do this over tim the next two months but having this much time to myself is extremely unheard of so may as well capitalise

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Went to IWM north, great building, great museum.

Strolled about media city etc but saw no celebs

Then V, in his 12yr old wisdom decided his one and only holiday wish was to go to an arcade. :person_shrugging:
So we went to the Trafford centre. :grimacing::open_mouth: Oooft

Anyway, me and R have just returned from a lovely evening stroll and am eating a cheese sandwich and waiting for ghosts and celeb MC.

Obligatory peaky D photo.


Started s2 of Big Little Lies.

Had a big lunch so ruined tea, just had ice cream. Bought reduced bakery bread from Tesco so might jave some toast for a snack later.

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got a bit of a tummy ache

gonna miss only connect because we have no food in, SAD

Having steaky mac n cheese for tea, will probably just drink some more Vimto and watch TikToks until bedtime after that.

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Too cool* to arrive on time.

*triggered a toddler tantrum at the suggestion of bedtime

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Watching an art programme about art in the holy land with Lachlan off that painting programme on BBC4. Is lovely. Got lasagne and Gbread for tea and #somebeerz

Well if you should never go shopping on an empty stomach, maybe you should always go shopping with tummy ache?

Hope you feel better soon.

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revenge of that green sausage?


There’s a reason it was green

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Hi folks

Currently listening to a perfume genius record.

Going to get a cuppa soon and see if the leftovers season 1 takes out fancy.

It’s all go.

a cuppa booze?

On a Monday! You’re an animal!


Evening! WFH this week, so that’s just music listening while I putz around with reports. Fine by me.

Time to get on the beers.

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had to eat my partner’s for her too because she couldn’t stomach it

yes, had to