Hello and good evening to all yall.

Nothing is open here as we got an outbreak of the rona didn’t we.

So I’m in the bath, reading a book, and dreaming of camomile tea which I’ll drink when I’m out of said bath.

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Gotta say I found the prologue a little… Ham fisted.

Evening. Feeling fucking shattered. No pub for me cos obvs I can’t drink and fuck standing outside in the cold for a lime and soda or whatever.

Gonna read my book and get an early night I think.


I’m not really one for The Great Outdoors (aside from the John Goodman film) but I’m sorry you’ve been shut down.

Please enjoy this though:

Just eaten half a Thorntons snowy bear. Feel sick.


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Cup of tea and some cookies. Deutschland 86.

Seems reasonable for a Monday.


I usually have C-Span on while I work but this week is going to be videos of flat-footing.

I’ve got myself stuck listening to songs I love on repeat. Last week it was Balance and Composure. This week, aside from today’s enjoyable Jimmy Eat World interlude, it’s this from Turnover:

That aside, I’m presenting at a big conference tomorrow so I should be prepping and sorting my outfit rather than just putting this tune on over and over…

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Actually so impressed with myself today. Have sent TWO articles off for proofing AND written and sent TWO job applications! In addition to the usual smaller admin stuff. Even managed to get about an hour out in the sunshine (!!!) for my dinner break.

Quite sleepy now (especially as I went crazy and had a full glass of red wine), but I did just send off the last application so gonna have some tv + knitting time anyway.

Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday and I’m super pleased with myself for having made her something pretty nice which has a backstory, and having sent it to her in Portugal via my parents in Spain. Pretty weird that she’s officially in her late 30s now though (37 tomorrow).


ALSO!!! I’m up north for the time being as some of you may know, and the closest proper town has just re-opened shops and cafés etc today after being shut down for a few weeks (whereas Oslo where I live has been on-and-off shut down for ages). This means I’m going to get a ferry into town one of these days and just, have a day walking around in shops and have lunch in a café! Omg I can’t wait.

Feel like tagging the moderators in this hate crime.


Going through some old photos, and I thought it best to wish you all a very happy Business


Very ‘sensible chuckle’ vibe.




Big night on DiS then