Megalopolis (2024)

Yeah, ^this was decent :+1:

This on the other hand - Twixt - was terrible…



Hadn’t got that far when I made that post…

I’ll be shocked if this is any good at all, but this

Means I’ll definitely go and see it.


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Think like most people I’m fascinated by ambitious failures, so I’m naturally intrigued by this.

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Also fair play for making Adam Driver, a pretty universally accepted hot man, look like a total dweebie.

Excited Friday GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

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Shocked to see the early reviews are quite mixed

Sounds exactly like the kind of nonsense I will enjoy, anyway…

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“Got a 7 minute+ standing ovation at Cannes along with some boos”

That’s good enough for me


Films that get standing ovations at Cannes are always absolutely shite

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What about films that get booed at Cannes?

Pretty much everything gets a mixture of both tbh, think standing ovations only really become noteworthy there when they pass 15 minutes too. Weird place.

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I was saying boo-opolis

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the rating curve on the Letterboxd.

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the fact that it Nathalie Emmanuel in a starring role makes me think this is going to be just flat out bad rather than ‘so bad it’s good’.

also stop slandering Southland Tales!