Hey guys, currently weighing up Wellington NZ or Melbourne, Aus for my next home. I feel like I’ve done all my research with Wellington, now it’s time for Melbourne.

I wont even ask about the music scene as I know it’s already got one of the best in the world. My question is more about the livability of the city. I know money’s good, it appears that as a bartender I will be earning lots of money and will even be able to afford my own place, is this true? If so how much do you think I could get a little studio in Melbourne for? It doesn’t have to be in a nice area at all, and I’m fine with cycling for half an hour to the action/work.

My second question, I’m getting a little older now, I used to love the idea of living in cities like NYC, London but I find them too exhausting now. I’m worried Wellington will be a little too quiet but also worried Melbourne will be too full on. How big is it? Does it have the same hecticness as London England? Or is it more like Bristol/Brighton…? I’m over the rat race.

Thanks in advance, two totally different cities, it’s hard to decide.

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I’ve lived in London and visited Melbourne several times. Melbourne is a lot less full-on/hectic. Easier to get around on public transport, and the trams are less crowded than the tube.

From what I hear accommodation is bloody expensive. But you will also earn more than you would in Wellington or Auckland (Aussie wages are higher across the board) and food is cheaper than NZ. Seems like there’s a lot of good stuff happening in their music scene too.

That’s all I got :slight_smile:

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This guy is UNSTOPPABLE! :heart:


You should work for a tourism board mate, you rule! I think Melbourne looks better on paper, but from what I’ve seen Wellington seems a little more magical…hmmm decisions


Was going to post something to do with the village of Melbourne in Derbyshire, but I don’t think the effort:humour payout is worth it tbqh.

This is a lie. :smiley:

@anon86195792 I don’t know anything about NZ so I can’t really give you any sort of comparison. @Unlucky has definitely been in Melbourne so he might have some good recent comparisons for you, though.

Maybe depends more on what you love. Melbourne is certainly way less hectic than London or NY. Coming over directly from London I’ve always felt instantly like I’m in a ghost town although you quickly realise it is actually fairly bustling!

Obviously if you’re used to London Transport then the public transport is a bit of clown-car but that’s a given for about 99.99% of the world. It’s not awful though. But the trains only run every 15 mins at best so you can be 1 minute late getting to your train and then the knock-on can make you 20-30 mins behind. And while they’re normally not too rammed if it is too busy for you to get on you’re fucked unlike a tube train where there’s one in 2 mins.

Trams are decent but they run on the roads so unlike tubes they are fucked if there’s a problem or a demo or something above-ground and then you’re fucked.

Public Transport Victoria has clearly never actually even looked at TFL’s site. They’ve just started a load of roadworks near us that has taken out the bit of the bus route that takes me and my daughter to school. They have ZERO information: no maps, no alternatives. I mean by faffing with Google for a while I found an alternative but they hadn’t bothered to provide it. Like I say: Clown-Car :smiley:

The weather is nice in Melbourne but it never really gets cold, which is a shame. It’s got down under 10C maybe twice this winter and that’s only thanks to arctic winds. If you’re one of those people who has SADS issues then there is a LOT of sunlight, even when it’s cold. It’s also nice and dry: even when it’s hot you rarely get one of those dreadful close, damp muggy days.

There’s LOTS of band stuff. My mate is at gigs all the time. I can’t say about bar wages but I feel like my equivalent salary keeping my job is better and it’s still pretty cheap to buy food or eat out (eating out is cheaper in Australia).

But: they only just got Amazon and it’s pants. Also postage costs are high so those days of seeing something on Amazon you want and just buying it and getting it quickly and cheaply are GAWN! I don’t think that’s impacted my life particularly but it has irritated me a few times and it depends on how much you buy technology and the like?

Overall I like Melbourne a lot. I obviously miss the UK too loads but a large chunk of that is about family/friends. I already lost one uni friend to cancer since I moved out here but she had been battling for a while so it was expected. I hope not to lose any others.

Sorry to hear about your loss, thanks for the info. Melbourne sounds like a good size for a 30 year old who’s over the hustle of cities like London! I just have to look in to being able to stay for longer than a year.


You could do some lovely farm work to get a second year Working Holiday visa? Or is the cutoff 30?

Careful where you go though

Well it’s an aspect of living away from home and moving away that’s significant to how it’s hard for me to maybe be as objective about my feelings for the city as I might like.

Also: fuck you.


30 thankfuck

Yup, can definitely empathise with the mixed feelings that being so far away from your previous life instills, particularly when major life events happen. Also echo your point about it being on topic. Living in The Netherlands is significantly difficult to living in Australia in that regard, and when talking about moving there from the UK should be a major consideration.

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Was living in Amsterdam up until recentlu actually, dont recommend it

I’m living in Nijmegen, and loving it. Different folks, different strokes I guess.

So the wife is from Melbourne and we’re thinking of leaving London to avoid the Brexit shitshow.

It’s a great city, as you say, the music scene is really good. The people are friendly and there is almost a European feel. It also as the impression that people from Melbourne have read a book, unlike the rest of the country. You can get out of the city easily if you’re into outdoors stuff.

It is expensive but the whole country is, I almost pass out everything I walk into a supermarket.

Wellington is nice but it’s really small and the weather is differently something to look into because it can be nasty.