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This is great guys, thankyou. Melbourne looks incredible


When you type out venues and bands and things like that - I realise it is a pretty good place to be here in Melbourne


Your wage to living costs are pretty amazing too. Seems like the best place in the world to be a musician right now. Setting myself up for disappointment, can only stay 10 months unless something happens. Maybe if I find a good band I can drag em to Wellington


So anyone in Melbourne looking for a band or know anyone who is?


Melbourne heads, I’d love to have my own place, just a shitty little studio for around $1000. Am I kidding myself? What areas are cheaper? Thanks :slight_smile:


You talking pcm? You might struggle for something close to the city for 1000 but about 1300pcm is achievable.,+vic+3065/list-1?maxBeds=studio&adcall=1536701918585

My knowledge of Melbourne isn’t the best on here but those places are all pretty central and from 320-350 per week


Looks like maybe a few more places in the southern central suburbs closer to your price range;

South Yarra, St Kilda, Toorak, Prahran,+vic+3141/list-1?maxBeds=studio&adcall=1536702217773


Yep would be slim pickings at that price

Found 11 properties in the ‘Melbourne - Greater Region’ for $250pw - studio or 1 bedder,+vic/map-1?maxBeds=1

Couple of them were just carparks! From @Jarvis list above - you’d be happy in sth yarra/prahran/st kilda - fuck Toorak


I’m happy to cycle for 30-40 mins to work if that helps. I think I should probably just up my budget though,seems like I can make a real good amount bartending…




So is anyone from Melbourne looking to join a band? Or know any musicians they could put me in contact with?


I’m way too old for bands and only really know old people, sorry.

I used the site to find D&D groups when I came over here though so they might have a musicians bit?




You should check out the following -


Obviously the method I recall 20 years ago was going around rehearsal spaces and noting any requests for musicians on the boards or picking up contact details for people looking to join bands.


There’s also the remaining street press outputs of and The printed version of Beat in particular still has a handy classifieds section

But I reckon you will be set with Melbands site (the one now named ‘Ausbands’ above)


PERRRRfect. Thankyou


Looking like i’ll almost definitely be making the move in January. It crossed my mind to ask if there are any cool cities/towns near to Melbourne that might be worth living in? I figured it would be cheaper to maybe live and work somewhere else and use Melbourne for weekends and other adventures…any idea if there’s any point to this or should I just stick to Melbourne?


This is not possible.