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This is great guys, thankyou. Melbourne looks incredible


When you type out venues and bands and things like that - I realise it is a pretty good place to be here in Melbourne


Your wage to living costs are pretty amazing too. Seems like the best place in the world to be a musician right now. Setting myself up for disappointment, can only stay 10 months unless something happens. Maybe if I find a good band I can drag em to Wellington


So anyone in Melbourne looking for a band or know anyone who is?


Melbourne heads, I’d love to have my own place, just a shitty little studio for around $1000. Am I kidding myself? What areas are cheaper? Thanks :slight_smile:


You talking pcm? You might struggle for something close to the city for 1000 but about 1300pcm is achievable.,+vic+3065/list-1?maxBeds=studio&adcall=1536701918585

My knowledge of Melbourne isn’t the best on here but those places are all pretty central and from 320-350 per week


Looks like maybe a few more places in the southern central suburbs closer to your price range;

South Yarra, St Kilda, Toorak, Prahran,+vic+3141/list-1?maxBeds=studio&adcall=1536702217773


Yep would be slim pickings at that price

Found 11 properties in the ‘Melbourne - Greater Region’ for $250pw - studio or 1 bedder,+vic/map-1?maxBeds=1

Couple of them were just carparks! From @Jarvis list above - you’d be happy in sth yarra/prahran/st kilda - fuck Toorak


I’m happy to cycle for 30-40 mins to work if that helps. I think I should probably just up my budget though,seems like I can make a real good amount bartending…