Melodic, Aggressive Shoegaze?

Another vote for Ringo Deathstarr — easily the best of the new newgaze.

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I really like this. Gonna check more out.


Big Jesus -

I feel like I like the idea of these bands better than the actual end results. They have a tendency to be very samey and somewhat limited in their view of shoegaze.

that said, I liked this release last year:

Nevermind Me

Us (Firesuite)

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That’s exactly how I feel and why I started this thread. It should pretty much be the perfect genre of music, but for whatever reason the idea almost always bests the output. It looks as if I have a lot to sort through at least in this thread.


I like the music, but not so keen on the early 00s nasally pop punk-gone-shoegaze vocals. To be honest, I think a lot of these bands using the whispery shoegaze vocals is what annoys me the most: it’s already overdone in the genre, but it cuts out a lot of energy on the Alt. Rock-leaning bands.

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I’m still sorting through everything, but Amusement Parks on Fire might be my favorite so far. “Smokescreen” in particular is incredible, that’s definitely my kind of song.

I’m also liking Newmoon, Spotlight Kid, and Jesu a lot. (And Deftones were already one of my favorite bands, I should have mentioned them initially). Thanks for the recommendations everyone, I still have a lot to try.

This is probably a problem in most genres. but what are you gonna do? oooh, that reminds me of that time a few weeks ago, i decided that the free availability of so much music is detrimental to creativity. Not sure I agree with myself back then, but What are you gonna do?

Glifted? Hum?

Just have to say this is incredible. Where would you go next with Jesu? Anything else similar?

I was a huge Jesu fan back when this came out but I still think Silver is their (his) best tune. The first self titled album is a bit hard going but Conquerer is a good listen. Try the Sundown/Sunrise ep as well.

Amusement Parks’ second album is great in my opinion- ‘Out Of The Angeles’. And if you can track down the Young Fight EP that’s a corker. They’re just not on Spotify but most stuff is on Youtube.


That album is fucking amazing isn’t it? Heavy as anything.

Played this song (and the album) to death when it came out. Think it’s going back in the rotation.

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Yeah as above the first album, Heartache, is much heavier and gloomier (his first after he disbanded Godflesh back then).

I’d go for the Lifeline and Opiate Sun EPs and the Conqueror album next. I reckon all the best stuff is there.

Really enjoying Alcest - great shout


Maybe some Bailter Space would qualify?

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…Dinosaur Jr?

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