Melodic, Aggressive Shoegaze?


Why have I spent so many years of my life not listening to Alcest? Appreciate this thread, gonna check out Cheetahs next.


If you dig this side of Jesu you should absolutely check out Iroha (featuring members of Jesu and another Broderick project, Final):

And maybe some Lantlos:


How about Backwater? Not sure I'd call them shoegaze exactly but their album was a great mixture of melodic and discordant guitars.

And my personal favourite shoegaze fellow travellers, Ecstacy of St Teresa. (sound takes a while to start)


that Lantlos album is great. They need to get on releasing a followup.

never understood the love for Cheatahs, to be honest. Like Swervedriver, but boring.


A new band from Western Mass has a record coming out next week


Haven’t listened to it yet, but based on a couple of singles, the new Hundredth album, out today, is right up this thread’s alley.


kind of one of those bands whose shoegaze status slightly irks me, but Cloakroom should fit here:

who apparently have a new album coming out:



They’re more like heavy slowcore or something than shoegaze but I do love these guys. Excited for the new record


yeah, they’re pretty similar to True Widow in that regard, who get lumped in with shoegaze a lot.

their other new track they posted a while ago is good:


90’s shoegaze minstrels Medicine fit the bill on all counts:


The Buried Life is exceptional


I’ve been listening to this a lot this week. Reminds me of the first Balance and Composure album, but more ‘shoegaze’



This sounds like a good opportunity to jag my last nugaze mix, which errs on the heavier side over much of the mix (with a few exceptions):

(all timestamped for easy skipping)…


Saw Wolves in the Throne Room last night and they were so fucking good


Came to post, Narrow Head and Deftones do it best in my opinion


First band I thought of for this thread!


Narrow Head have a new video out too: