Melodic, Aggressive Shoegaze?

Very jealous. Can’t wait for some new material.

Edit. Thrice Woven out September 22nd!!!

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Someone in another thread recommended the Mad Love EP by Lush - is there any band making music like “Leaves Me Cold”? It’s incredible, that last minute of it especially. It’s such a focused, effective blast of noise.

This is really lovely

A few mentions for Amusement Parks on Fire already on here but always thought one of their best and probably most melodic/aggressive/shoegaze songs was Cut to Future Shock which is the closing track on the second record.

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Also, looks like they are out on tour in November

Courtesy of this thread:

Cheers @Marmitedanish and @LastAstronaut

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Excellent! I was listening to the Amesoeurs album last night, the band he was part of prior to Alcest, they only did one, self titled album with a female vocalist (Audrey Sylvain) on most of the tracks and it’s brilliant, you should definitely give it a whirl

Will do!

Judy :metal:

I think Indigo Children is my favourite. Have a listen to their mini album / demo too

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I keep meaning to mention Elastic Sleep in here. Irish shoegaze with the occasional heavier track. I think a lot of their stuff is on Spotify and there are a few tracks on YouTube too. Here’s one of my favourites of theirs.

Also, I found out about Lilys recently. Their first album is flippin’ class.

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That album is great. Some versions have this song on it

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Mega props to you for this recommendation. This could be top 5 of the year for me - Judy is still my jam. I can’t physically stop myself from headbanging in the heavy bit.

It is!

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No worries man – I’ve got it on regular rotation too!

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Something about their drummer irks me. He’s so fucking busy.

I’m still going through the thread and trying recommendations, but I just have to say this is phenomenal. I have trouble with the genre in general because of the screaming vocals, but for some reason here they don’t bother me and I like how it appears in bursts between Audrey Sylvain’s singing. The melodies are so good.


on the heavier end, new Spotlights:

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