Melodic, Aggressive Shoegaze?


I’m still going through the thread and trying recommendations, but I just have to say this is phenomenal. I have trouble with the genre in general because of the screaming vocals, but for some reason here they don’t bother me and I like how it appears in bursts between Audrey Sylvain’s singing. The melodies are so good.



on the heavier end, new Spotlights:


I’ve only just discovered deathconsciousness by Have A Nice Life. It’s fucking great. Massive double album which veers from ambient abstraction to super-aggressive post-punk, but all smeared with grimy, gauzy, shoegazey filter.

It’s miles away from easy listening, but well worth checking out.


Still working my way through many of these, but a huge thanks for the Alcest suggestion. I took a chance starting on Les Voyages de l’Âme awhile back, and it’s fantastic start to finish. Faiseurs de Mondes in particular is incredible. What do you think is the logical place to go next with them?


I’m liking this so far too. I’ve been very slowly working my way through it the past few months, and it’s been getting significantly better each time.


Will check this out tomorrow I think…


I was in Imago mid 90’s who understandably kicked me out for being a crap drummer. Replaced by a drum machine and influenced by very early BOC I think they have Radiohead pre Kid A amongst their quiet fans. Well worth checking out.


There is a band called Engineers that has been described as “shoegaze/dream pop” (not to be confused with The Engineers Band). I rather like some of their songs - not sure if it’s what you are looking for…


It’s not easy going is it? I think I’ve probably listened all the way through only a couple of times due to the length, but it’s a great record.


I would say either Écailles de Lune or their latest Kodama. Souvenirs d’un Autre Monde and Shelter are far more in the shoegaze/post-rock vein and have very few heavy elements (Shelter especially, which I found very bland)


Love Engineers but they’re not really “aggressive” as per the thread title.


Engineers are brilliant, though their debut stands head and shoulders above the rest of their output (none of the links above are from it). You’re right though, they’re not “aggressive”. Quite the opposite.


I agree, bloody love this tune;


I remember thinking that nearly all of the tunes were up there with any non-shoegaze Britopop of the time, just gauzed in shoegaze textures and that made it a 10/10, and I don’t do 10/10s very often.


Don’t know any full albums I don’t think, but two of my favorite songs kind of fit the bill I think

Boris - Farewell

You probably know already, but the album that this is from, Pink, is all over the place and Farewell is the only track that’s like this.

Deerhunter - Oh It’s Such A Shame

Deerhunter side of a split 7" with Jay Reatard, where they covered each others’ songs

Guess these guys might fit the bill:

Really good Aussie band. Certainly some shoegaze elements, but more kinda heavy psych overall. Great record anyway…


Hmmm, that’s a nice tune.

I only have the one Engineers album (Always Returning), and while I like the stuff they are not the kind of band where I feel a burning need to own the rest of their catalogue. As a matter of fact that sums up my feelings toward shoegaze in general - enjoyable on occasion, I would never turn the dial if it was played on the radio, but not something of which i want to own loads and loads of albums.


It’s been disorienting to watch Title Fight mature from a band I loved to hate into a band I can’t honestly dislike.


Any love for the new APTBS? New drummer, same brutal noise as ever.


Definitely not, but there’s something about it that keeps bringing me back. It’s definitely going to take time to fully know and get, but that feels like a positive thing rather than a chore.