Melodic Electronic Music?

S’in the title really. I am trying to compile a list of me favorite melodic electronic music so I have it on one place on Spotify and I want your suggestions! I have a list below of what kind of things I mean:

Its a certain type of tech-house, post-dubstep? not too heavy, with some nice rhythm? I feel like I’m explaining this badly…

Anything new or old is good.

Rival Consoles - Recovery
Bicep - Glue
Gui Boratto - Arquipelago
The Field - Over The Ice
Floating Points - J&W Beat
Shinichi Atobe - Regret
Mount Kimbie - Before I Move Off
Darkstar - Aidys Girls a Computer

Caveat: Its gotta be available on Spotify (I feel like this may narrow things a little)

you could do worse than revisit these threads, plenty of good pointers in there


A few track suggestions from our label, if I may be so bold :wink: Dunno of its tech house but it’s certainly melodic electronic music :slight_smile:


Special Request had a great year last year. Check out his Bedroom Tapes or Offworld albums.

There was a great thread on this subject years ago on the old DiS:

Loads of great stuff there

Sounds like Kiasmos would be up your street.


Ah I didnt know this was a thing. Perfect, lots to dig into here!


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I would highly recommend Kettel

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This was my AOTY of the year last year and should fit the bill nicely.